The comfort that offers Internet when filling our basket of fruits and green vegetables is infinite. However, not should ignore that many times we are faced with products that, in reality, do not offer us what they promise or, without going further with regard to ecology, are presented as Bio when, in reality, they are not. Firstly an organic product, Bio or ecological is one that does not use chemicals in their elaboration. To cultivate these foods in soils with natural fertilizers, products are more nutritious, with more vitamins, essential minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidants, which help prevent multitude of diseases and reduce the risk of various types of cancer. We a_continuacion, show them some keys to make your purchase of fruit and green vegetables to be effective over the Internet: 1.-) labeling: A product coming from agriculture or organic farming always accompanied by a label similar to the of the photography. When buying, for example, green oranges through Internet we will ensure that this tag is present in the container. This seal will also display the autonomous community which food, to know 100% comes from the origin of the same.

In addition, on the same label or in another the code no. of the organism that is certifying it is, the code of the bottling company registered in the organism of the same control and batch or product number must be clear. 2.-) Company: whether the company is a limited company as a corporation, you can consult its validity in the mercantile registry that corresponds, since standard introduces the obligation and service providers facilitate to the public register in which to register your Internet domain name, as well as identify themselves on their website. If it is a cooperative or SAT, you can check on the registration of the same. In any case shall be identified with the following data: holder (person legal Physics), domicile, tax and registration that belongs.