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Worldwide Crisis

capitalismoUm of the errors of the global crisis is: hypocrisy, self-centered and the imperfect competition created by the tementes men to the failure and fazedores of unbalanced opinions to justify its principles caustic; Most skeptical they say ' ' the capitalism is ruim' ' less they are clarified, ' ' the economic agent is, moved only by its proper interest, is taken by an invisible hand to promote something that never was part of the interest for well-being comum' ' (Wealth of the nations – Adam Smith). To argue this principle it would say that; ' ' for more incredible than it seems, the Bible locks up truths from where they derive the laws that gravitam on universo' ' ; in the phase of the creation of the universe God he was encouraged to continue its majestical and mstica workmanship because it found that it was good. Let us not forget, we are done men the image of God that is, equal It; ambitious person and egoist ' ' in the good one felt of palavra' '. The capitalist system must be adjusted or be perfected in function of transformations of the times. The innovation, technological and the empreendedorismo, had made to grow and to develop the great societies that today we are proud in them? these principles are ones of the engines of the capitalist system following the logic of the things. Many societies had tried systems alternative and they had not prospered what we notice in them? The return to the old classic system. The capitalism empobrece for the opposite with spirit that moves the individuals in the search of the solutions for its well-being does not make with that the societies develop and prosper.

Periodical Reduction

In production had one cut in virtue not to have consumers being wanted to demand products because of the reduction of capital in the hand of the same ones. The strategy of the Federal Government was to diminish the taxes of the products that more are vendidos to alavancar the sales, and to try to minimize the crisis, of form that the industries came back to use and consequentemente to come back to produce stimulating the Brazilians to come back to consume. In interview to a periodical, the president of the Magazine net Luza, Helena Luiza 4, explains that: This reduction leaves all storekeepers sufficiently optimistical, and concludes saying, that in the first days after reduction of the tax had a rise in the sales and the movement of people in the store of its net, but explains that the optimism biggest was the holiday of the day of the mothers, that surpassed the expectation of some, showed a great increase in the sales. However the effect of the reduction of the IPI not only affected the household-electric ones, also arrived in the automobile sector, that according to Periodical of the Globe, the reduction prevented that automobile industry dived at the beginning in a crisis of this year. An assembly line in the So Paulo ABC is cited in interview for the moment coming back the production of 44 (forty and four) cars. In the periodical it is cited that other sectors that use a great amount of man power and that they are being affected for the crisis, ask for with urgency the exemption of the tax. Exactly with the reduction of only 3 months, already the increase in the demand of the consumer is proven, in virtue of the reduction of the tax. We can perceive with the crisis the amount offered for the industries is very little, because of the small amount of demand of the consumers.

Methods Control

Important it is to stand out in this point that although these models to be attempts of continued improvements, still exist the call automation of the processes information, factor that allows the companies to reduce its supplies, to increase its productive capacity and the quality of its services, beyond diminishing the time of processing and the level of production. Thus the automation of the manufactures can simply produce a competitive advantage for the increase of answers for qualities and shorter times of reaction. The more companies if to automatize, more competitive pressures will force to other in such a way proceed it companies until the point that the automation of information systems pass to be the equivalent to its proper survival. But so that this reality is present and operating and, that it can produce resulted positive is necessary the existence of a good planning and an efficient system of managemental control. The handle of this, Antonio Cury comments in its book, Organizations and Methods – a holistic vision – that a good managemental planning this in the choice of goals and forecast of results through some ways that, therefore, direction of as if to reach the goals desired by means of a managemental control and actions that will program the planned decisions. It complements, still, that of the flexibility of the planning by means of foreseen situations they do not allow the controlling better to use to advantage the chances that had not been foreseen when of the original plan. that by no means, the managemental control would have to mean to the controlling, allegiance to the established plans, specifically when new events indicate that the actions that will bring better resulted for the company they are not in accord with the original plan. I idealize that inside of this context and in the vision of my research it is certain that a good planning and a good control are so linked to the point that many controlling do not perceive or they do not lose time trying to establish rigid distinctions between both and that the problems that involve the systems of managemental control the imperfections are exclusively on technician and to the types of systems of information used or in the frequency with that human factor or capital operative and changeable human being, is many times the responsible one for many of these problems.

The Limitations of Customers

On many occasions, our rights as customers are totally limited, almost we have no right to complain. And there are many examples of companies or sectors which enjoy a dominant position on the consumer. The case is real I take my car to the dealer for a review. Park it in the right place, and I am the customer service desk. – Good morning. He brought the car to make the review of X thousand kilometers. I also wanted to look at this, this other thing, and that beyond.

– Okay. Wait, I take the budget. It will go two hundred euros, the budget is thirty euros. – How? Are you going to charge for the budget? – It is a service that we do not want to work for free … – Man, do not tell me …

Moreover, the budget had already taken the Internet, "I say-so please anuleme the budget bill. – Ah, who has taken the online budget, "he said with a smile on the counter. So sure that in your statement customer has a bank account number into, right? Then I inform you that you have been charged ten euros in your account. – Well, I can not believe. Give me the key, I'm leaving. – I'm afraid it is not possible, the car and we got into the workshop. Well, yes it's possible, but if you want it now bears would have to pay twenty dollars for the inconvenience. – This is incredible, "mumble.