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Very Different

There are a number of musical styles, some of us do not even know about others but very scanty knowledge. Music known in Yaroslavl, London, Paris, Moscow and so on diverse, but sometimes does not stop to examine it more detail. One such style is flamenco. Harmonious fusion of dance, music and singing at the core of this Spanish musical style. It should say that there are about fifty species of this musical. Perhaps check out Energy Capital Partners for more information. In mostly accompanied by a performance of flamenco guitar playing, playing in a special box (percussion), is as castanets. Of course, do not say that about the little-known flamenco. It is worth noting that he had a tremendous influence on other musical styles.

And, of course, that the emergence of new areas has left its imprint on it. It contains jazz, rock and pop direction, and many others. Someone like such a branch, and some prefer a familiar sound, without innovation. These people believe that the style must remain intact. Visit Robotics expert for more clarity on the issue. And that is surprising – there is such a literature, and although it released a long time, many in various parts of the world and unaware of its existence.

Let's try to make out details, which include 'flamenkologiya' (as a separate section, and as literature.) This section came into existence in the 55th year of the last century. Gonzalez Clement first initiated. He released his book, whose title was – 'flamenkologiya'. This book is the first of its kind to her, and the title, later became the name for a direction in art. Mashable takes a slightly different approach. Understand, who can be helpful, these literary works? There is very easy to guess – with the title is clear. Specialists in this direction down to the smallest detail involved in the history of the emergence and development of flamenco. Thanks to these scholars, we know that the Moorish music culture is the primary source of this style. Gypsy musical culture is also present in history. Since the Gypsies for a time were considered outcasts, and then flamenco style has remained inaccessible for a long time. But all that is bad comes to an end, and in the eighteenth century, this music can be heard in the taverns, cafes … It is also worth mentioning about the film, which tells about this style.

Valentine Sings Koshubaeva

Valery Kuznetsov Sings Valentine Koshubaeva Artiysky International Committee, Academy of Public Creativity awarded artist of Adygea Valentine Koshubaevu gold medal with the awarding of Honorary the title of Laureate of the Contest "PERSON OF THE YEAR – 2006" Such a high-performer recognition of old Russian romances awarded for professionalism and great personal contribution to the preservation of national identity and dignity Peoples of the Russian Federation, the education of youth on the ideals of beauty and goodness. We can say that the singer Valentina Koshubaeva – one of the most famous singers of romances not only in Adygea, but also throughout Russia. About her say, the soul of Russian Romances. Fate generously gave her meetings, which have become iconic for her. When did Valentina Koshubaevoy career? Perhaps, in early childhood. Childhood – a source of creative daring throughout her life. Little actress liked to arrange for relatives and neighbors house concerts. In the 63rd, many of her peers wanted to become pilots, astronauts, doctors, teachers, and it is – a singer.

This was an eight-Val stated in the presence of the entire class. Children laughed and class teacher Valentina asked to sing something. Having, as it then seemed, a great stage experience, she sang a song – a ballad about floating on the lake gray goose with a black wing. He sang a sad song that would never be able to fly up into the sky, and that he will die on this wonderful lake. The boys were hushed, and the girls wiped the tears fartushkami.

Teacher approached her and said: – Yes, Valya, I believe, and thou shalt singer. Her path to the professional scene was long. However, like most artists of the province. First, a music school, then learned the cello and piano at the music school. And, of course, lessons vocals. Andy Florance follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. She never forgot that for a professional singer is very important not just to own musical instruments, while behind him a large, deep rate.

Western Scientific

The growth of economic indicators in the period amounted to more than 10% per year, which at first delighted and then shocked the world superpower. To the scientific and technological development of the state recovered from devastating effects of World War II, was used strategy, already used once in an era Meytszi. The development of science and technology in the home require enormous costs and, more importantly, many years, which threatened to severe economic backwardness. For 30 years, since 1949 Japan has acquired a total of 34 thousand licenses and patents in their western colleagues. have been creatively elaborated by the Japanese and, most importantly, quickly put into production. The first the owners of Western firms do not perceive Japan as a potential competitor, and therefore sold the patents and licenses for literally pennies. As a result of the creation of scientific and technical potential cost of Japan in 78 billion dollars, and scientists met the shortest possible time.

The effectiveness of this strategy is estimated between 400% – in general, up to 1800% – in some sectors). At the turn of 60-70 years. West has stopped coming to his senses scientific and technical makeup of Japanese competitor, but by that time Japan has already established its own R & D base. To date, the science of Japan at the forefront of new technologies. Taking into account the experience of the past, the country uses most of its development to improve the quality of life and environmental protection. Created and perfected a new, environmentally-friendly engines for cars, robots and effective medicines, make life easier disabled citizens, saved and reused energy and precious metals.

Cultural Center

Being young at the dawn of his creative powers 20 years ago I had the idea to arrange a three-room apartment with an unusual design according to the three times: past, present and future. Bedroom would have been in my present time, that is more natural, adequate time coloring, furniture, modern, etc. A large hall, I'd dipped into the past tense – antiquarian, classic paintings, etc. Well, a nursery, I would teleportnul in the future, where advanced materials, fantastic design and the pictures of space, furniture appropriate, everything is automated and computerized. It took some time and my thoughts began to push the boundaries and I thought at first about the cottage, and then the cultural center of the times. For example, in a large region of the Volga region to construct a cultural center, which would halls could accommodate local history, antiques, classical music and painting, which would have formed a single gallery the last time. It would be housed in the lower, and spacious ground floor. Viewing would begin from the time of inception of the cultural layer in this region and gradually move to the halls now.

Rooms now would be placed on the floors in natural light, the halls would be separated from the external environment only glass with large windows. Under such conditions could be placed Halls botanical garden, aquarium and a small zoo, immediately acquainted rooms to visitors from different resources region, industry and production, life and customs, ethnic groups and nationalities that inhabit this region. Gradually the room this time of transition to the upper floors. On the upper floors, I would have posted the halls, which would be designed for a large plate. These spacious rooms, I would have posted a planetarium and other recent projects. Accordingly, all around the high-tech, computerized. Everywhere displayed a variety of information, the robots have multi visitors a variety of services.

Security service in this territory is the most tech, secured with the latest tools and technologies. Everywhere cameras, which provide access to the Internet. Mobile review of the cultural center will provide all entered into the Internet. But the project is currently too expensive and it is unlikely in the near future time to materialize.