Consider how well the planning and operational management processes of the plan in a company that does not use in their practice decisions sfa (Sales force automation – sales force automation) and CRM-systems. In this case, the basis of data for planning are taken by the period of financial systems, such as 1C or equivalent. Based on these data with high accuracy can be determine the relative and absolute increase in sales over the period (year to year, quarter to quarter, month to month). Also on the basis of these data can be obtained and the coefficients of seasonality, ie, data on the most and least successful period for this type of business in terms of sales. The second figure involved in the planning process are the averaged data on the dynamics of this market segment or industry. We’ll see how it works in practice: Figure 1 Data on sales in previous periods and the planned volume for the current period of Revenues Vacation coefficient (k 1mu sq.)