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National Olympic Committee

In 1938, she began to be used for broadcast television and became the emblem of the Soviet television for many years. By analogy with were built water pumping and radio tower, lighthouses and more than 200 steel plants. Tower was declared a monument of architecture and engineering. Masterpiece architectural art protected by the state. Technology development, begun brilliant engineer, is actively continuing.

And today Metal can implement the most ambitious in conception architectural projects, such as a ski resort on flat terrain. Better mountains can be Kaluga region. Here are preparing for the opening of a unique project – a real ski resort. No mountains in Kaluga? That’s right, it is heart of the Russian Plain. But the skiing here could be as early as this winter.

Thanks to modern metalwork. A key element of one of a kind project that was created for one of the largest Russia building structures – Kalugaglavsnabstroy “- an artificial slope length of 108 meters and a width of 45.7, with an overall length of the slope is 300 meters. A base of “mountains” – five-story building. This hotel is 84 rooms, rent restaurants, lobby bar and a spa. The complex will operate this platform, in addition, there are modern facilities for the production of snow, but because of Kaluga ski resort can be athletes and holiday 12 months a year. According to the chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Russia, Leonid Tyagachev, in the future complex “Kwan” could become a base for training jumpers jumping and snowboarding.

Tension Ceilings

Overview Working with tension ceilings consists of several stages: 1. Removal of measurement 2. Installation of the mounting profile; 3. Installation of racks for point lights, 4. Installation of blade 5. Installation of lighting features to work with tension ceilings: * After receiving your strainer cloth, remove it from the carton without removing the packing material, place in a warm room. Never put anything on top folded cloth! * All suspended ceilings, wider than 135sm, have a welded seam, which is performed at the factory for high-frequency welding devices.

Welds are performed at intervals of 130, 150 or 200cm, depending on the type of film. Sutures technologically necessary because the seamless production in the world does not yet exist, and our computer program will allow both locate welds in relation to the coverage that they will be virtually invisible. * In addition, the varnish films are sometimes noticeable wrinkles that are not defective. Creases in the film appear as a consequence of transportation or long storage blade, ready to be installed. Should not be stored lacquer cloth over 5-7 days in order to avoid creases. Unfortunately, no laboratory, which examined a similar phenomenon can not answer the question of how to deal with people. What can be said with certainty is that wrinkles fade with time, within 4-6 months after installation of the canvas. * In the process of making your ceiling is reduced by 3-6%, which allows you to pull the cloth, gently heating it, and that avoids sagging fabric. In the case of large ceiling area of over 60m2, we recommend placing dividing the profile in order to avoid sagging of the canvas.

Diamond Cutting

Every day, construction is gaining momentum. Naturally, not everything turns out perfectly, do not get along without any alterations. But it's not easy, especially when work involves concrete, reinforced concrete, thick walls and partitions. In order to facilitate this work uses a diamond cutting. Diamond cutting – it's the mechanical action of professional products for walls and floors, where there is no noise impact.

To date, there are several major types of equipment with which the diamond cutting. What instrument and what kind of diamond cutting to use in each specific case depends on the work to be done. There are two main groups of equipment with which the diamond cutting: – Manual equipment – special 'mashinnoe'oborudovanie. Application diamond cutting in our time quite extensively. Cutting a diamond tool – is the most effective way of mounting holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, slabs, tiles, as well as for cutting openings.

Also, sometimes false when constructing new buildings is the presence in their place of dilapidated, old buildings. In order to take over the new building should produce (reconstruct) the dismantling or full demolition buildings. By dismantling work includes: removal of floors and screeds, dismantling, in whole or in part, the dismantling of gender, the dismantling of structures, metal, steel and dismantling of the walls. Since dismantling – is one of the most time-consuming and complicated construction. This process is best left to professionals as well as improper or negligent performance of demolition work could lead to dire consequences. Many firms perform these services are high quality and at low cost. When dismantling the commonly used diamond cutting. Using such specialized tools is much easier job. Well, if the reconstruction of the building can not do, then machinery, and may also provide additional services such as – garbage. You adopted: demountable structures should not cause harm to the remaining buildings and surrounding areas, with the works should be strictly followed different standards – construction, environmental, sanitary, fire, the firms should clarify the existence of a license for the demolition of buildings and structures. In recent demolition facilitated by the use of breakers. Hammer – a mechanism for removal (demolition), the most durable designs and materials. Many people think that during the demolition of small buildings, such as: Barack or barn can be used manual labor. But to assure you that it is much more economical and in terms of money and time we use a mechanical method. Do not waste your time and energy in vain to contact experts!

Glued Laminated Timber

In the modern market of building houses from glued beams occupy a high enough position. This can be explained only one way. In an era of globalization tend to use safe, environmentally-friendly, and best of all natural things. And such a building material as a laminated board is fully fit these requirements. Why exactly glued laminated wood? Glued laminated timber – is a high-tech, with excellent physico-chemical properties of construction material, retaining all the best qualities of wood.

Wooden houses from this material are easy to mount, as are made with great geometric accuracy. Log houses have excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics are known for their longevity. Each organization dedicated to manufacture laminated veneer lumber has its own production technology. There are two types of laminated veneer lumber – is profiled and structural. As a rule, shaped laminated veneer lumber, used for the construction of walls of wooden houses. A structural beam convenient for the formation of load-bearing structures – beams, trusses and similar engineering elements.

In untreated wood in the form of conventional whole-profiled logs there are many significant gaps, and most important of them – it is a long term drying out. That's why the construction of wooden houses some difficulties, one of them – the shrinkage of the house up to 15%. In this case, construction slows down, because after mounting, about a year to wait until the house "sit", and only then start finishing works, installation of windows and doors. Typically, the construction of timber processed by standard methods appears cracking. At home of laminated veneer lumber sit down, but not more than 1%, thus reducing the time construction of the house. The secret of high strength of resistance to various kinds of impact lies in the design, which has a laminated veneer lumber and method of its manufacture. Construction of wooden houses is becoming more fans. According to statistics, at the peak of their popularity is laminated board, adding to the existing volume of production is still 10%.