Valery Kuznetsov Sings Valentine Koshubaeva Artiysky International Committee, Academy of Public Creativity awarded artist of Adygea Valentine Koshubaevu gold medal with the awarding of Honorary the title of Laureate of the Contest "PERSON OF THE YEAR – 2006" Such a high-performer recognition of old Russian romances awarded for professionalism and great personal contribution to the preservation of national identity and dignity Peoples of the Russian Federation, the education of youth on the ideals of beauty and goodness. We can say that the singer Valentina Koshubaeva – one of the most famous singers of romances not only in Adygea, but also throughout Russia. About her say, the soul of Russian Romances. Fate generously gave her meetings, which have become iconic for her. When did Valentina Koshubaevoy career? Perhaps, in early childhood. Childhood – a source of creative daring throughout her life. Little actress liked to arrange for relatives and neighbors house concerts. In the 63rd, many of her peers wanted to become pilots, astronauts, doctors, teachers, and it is – a singer.

This was an eight-Val stated in the presence of the entire class. Children laughed and class teacher Valentina asked to sing something. Having, as it then seemed, a great stage experience, she sang a song – a ballad about floating on the lake gray goose with a black wing. He sang a sad song that would never be able to fly up into the sky, and that he will die on this wonderful lake. The boys were hushed, and the girls wiped the tears fartushkami.

Teacher approached her and said: – Yes, Valya, I believe, and thou shalt singer. Her path to the professional scene was long. However, like most artists of the province. First, a music school, then learned the cello and piano at the music school. And, of course, lessons vocals. Andy Florance follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. She never forgot that for a professional singer is very important not just to own musical instruments, while behind him a large, deep rate.