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Subaru In Russian

My story "warm" relationship with the workers at the Subaru Center Bashilovskoy (V-Services) was started for me with buying a car Subaru Forester 2 in 2007. Car choose between the Outlander, Nissan X-Trial, Honda CR-V, a long time, without hurrying. You may find Mikkel Svane to be a useful source of information. Relied largely on the recommendations friends, reviews on the Internet, well before buying a car the opportunity to ride on all vehicles indefinitely. Soul fell to the Subaru Forester 2. The remaining cars are not what would have been bad, well, they were irritants, and to ride it somehow did not like. Subaru Forester – turned out to be a machine, like everyone else, and ship with driveability on the passage of off-road like a tank. The choice was made, the car is purchased. None that can not spoil the reputation Subaru Forester cars in my eyes, no expensive maintenance or lack of sound insulation, or some fragile parts, and can only showroom and service center staff Subaru Downtown service or llc Proavto. Well, what service stations, and especially formal, make all third leg, and money take, as if preparing cars for racing Formula -1 – is known to all, and many articles written on this subject, but breaks off only one, in comparison with other formal, where you can call the city to find a reasonable price and repair your car for more or less adequate money, but alas, in the case of Subaru, Proavto we have a monopolist, not that one service center, to 5-6, one owner . use.

But Currently

And so it turns out, relying on smart car, vigilant and driving skills, but they are so important! After the car can just go down or go wrong. To gain system knowledge, taking into account the features of modern cars help a driving school in the heart of improving driving skills. This will enable not only polish their driving technique and the skills kontravariynogo driving, but also to comprehend the physics of its movement, based on what the principles of sports driving. In addition, often in such centers offer other services: car rental. In the Belarus branch of business relating to car hire, is developing very rapidly. However, fifteen years ago could hardly be assumed that we would have possible without any difficulty to hire a good, modern car, designed with the latest technology and developing great speed in minutes. In the case where a person urgently needed car, he could only rely on taxi services or assistance compassionate fellow motorists. However, no matter how surprising us it may seem, in the west of various companies began offering rental services cars for a long time, in those distant days when the car was something else out of the ordinary, can surprise the impressionable audience.

Rumor has it that the first rental car was Ford, who the U.S. merchant has received from some Joe Saunders, who started the business in such a way rental cars in the U.S. state of . The reason that he needed a car, was sufficiently commonplace: he hurried to a meeting with girl. Hard to believe, but it happened back in 1916. Anyway, business is gradually growing, gaining momentum and 20 years of the last century appeared the first car rental company, which still lead to European and American market. However, in those days, car rental was not the most respectable business, because cars often took fraudsters, burglars and other representatives of the underworld, quickly recognized the benefits this progress and have sufficient driving skills, but did not have funds to buy their own cars. Radically the situation has changed in the mid-30's, when cars became much more Many people have started to use the services of trainers representatives of car rental companies have appeared on stations, where their services gladly enjoyed the people caught in a strange city.

But Currently the development of business received since the Second World War. A role in this situation has played the development of air transport and opening of offices of companies that offer rental cars at airports. Companies became more and more, and the competition between them – all the harder. But the number of customers grew as improving the welfare of the inhabitants of Europe and America. Gradually, rental cars became popular in our country.

Enduro Trip

It is also important that the service is cheaper classics sportbikes. Enduro Trip motorcycles, namely, are included in the previous three categories, that's fine. But what if you do not like roads, asphalt 'pall' in the daily trips to work and your passion – hiking in nature. Then choose motorcycles double destination, or enduro, as they are called. Often a word associated with motocross enduro. This is plainly wrong. Dual-purpose machines in most sports do not, and do not require the driver to some extraordinary skills they are – beautiful . That is bought, enduro, sat down and went, almost like a bike, and unlike other bikes – on any road, or without it. This two-wheeled jeeps, if you want. Long-travel suspension easily cope with any obstacles, and engines with a good thrust throughout the rev range is the best suited to drive with different speeds. But do not think that will be able to 'fly' them on the pavement: enduro class 200-250 cm3 have 'Maximum speed' within a 120 km / h, and Class 600 cm3 – 160 km / h. Chetyrehsotok dual-bit, and their indicators, in the middle. This is the only class where the 250 cm 3 is sufficient for obtaining pleasure, often on the contrary, Napara in the mud with a heavy bike you want something lighter. Motorcycle enduro 250 cm3 can be recommended to the young generation to acquire basic skills of motorcycle and adult uncle to ride in the country. In addition, costs He is very available from $ 1500, but for $ 2500-3000 you can buy a very good endurik the second half of the 90's. But there enduro, losing his off-road roots. Focused on the asphalt, they are equipped with more powerful engines and korotkohornymi pendants. This type could not be more suited to those for whom a motorcycle is not just a toy but a tool for travel. According to many of our colleagues, motorcycle Honda Africa Twin – best for traveling, if your path will not only asphalt. Like any other, our classification is arbitrary, but it will be easier to understand in all the diversity of the modern world 'two wheels'. There are lots of motorcycles that can easily jump from one class to another after minor modifications. Also, we did not put tourer, with a light hand having carried them to the classics. It's stories that are intended to move over long distances, often on the asphalt. As a rule, it is expensive and complex machines, and demand for specific. Unfortunately, fans of asphalt we still have a little bit. Maybe they are for you the? Completely separate class are motorcycles and scooters with engine capacity 1950 cm3 for management does not require a driver's license (which lies to the huge popularity).

Large Crop

Today, in our age of technological progress is evident competent and careful maintenance of the whole series of economic engineering. On a large scale there is visible a huge and lucrative harvests of agricultural land. In order to efficiently, quickly and carefully collect the natural fruit, you can use a variety of technically advanced machines and equipment. These devices include all kinds of spare parts for tractors and other agricultural technology, as well as, various engines, in fact, as we know, the engine – the heart of any car. At this hour of the most high-quality tractors are tractors Vladimir Motor – Tractor Plant – T25 and T40. Is it worth it say that the parts T25 and T40 parts are defining components of the host relationships of the cultivated area of quality and quantity of the products obtained. For spare parts izapchastyam T25 T40 is a hydraulic equipment system, cabin linings, wheel, diesel, pneumatic system, and more. Quality selection of parts and spares T40 T25 is one of the most serious and important decisions any novice farmer or large owner farms..

Virtual Materials

The programs used for simulation, also used in the aerospace field and in the automotive industry. But in aviation, though you have similar composites products are not designed for survival in case of accidents. Respectively, from the materials do not require a given behavior multidirectional mechanical loads. In the automotive industry, by contrast, used the structure of homogeneous materials subjected to preliminary molding of the plates. There are all subject to the same goal: to absorb and distribute impact energy by programmed deformation of the structure.

Program, which is designed helmet, take into account the properties and mechanical properties of materials to be used. They pre-entered static parameters (elasticity and resistance to bending, compression and tear) and dynamic (impact). Virtual materials with desired specific properties allow us to go from three-dimensional model of aesthetic form to a realistic models of the future helmet. The whole structure of the virtual hat consists of small cells connected to each other and forming a grid. To perform virtual crash tests simulated conditions similar tests at homologation. Virtual reality helmet worn by a virtual head of a certain size and weight and then virtually beaten, forced to fall and dropping an anvil on his virtual given shape. During these tests can a need to change the shape or size of the shell, and during this period designers and testers to work in close contact. When the model will satisfy the requirements of virtual test begins production prototype. The parameters of the virtual model by means of laser sintered powder of nylon and fiberglass, and is synthesized outer shell (the technology of three-dimensional "growth" of the object – approx.