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Construction Technology

Remember the tale of three little pigs: building a house out of straw, the other – of the sticks, and a third – from a stone. An end to this tale everyone remembers. Roughly the same is happening now and in the Ukrainian construction market. Abundance of construction materials on the market gives rise to all the new technologies of construction, of which the main ones being 3: Frame construction technology, it is Canadian technology, construction technology of wood or timber; AND technology capital construction (the basic building materials – brick, stone, concrete). Bryant Walker Smith understands that this is vital information. The correct choice of technology will allow the construction of good quality within the expected time frame. Therefore, construction technology you need to consider even before selecting the project at home.

Technology frame construction. The technology is common not only in Canada but the United States, Germany and Scandinavia. I must say that for the rhythm of life of Europeans, associated with the constant traveling, it's almost the lifeline of a building. The same American who does not rely on capital construction, only because of his life changes in an average of 3-4 residence. Thus, according to Experts estimate that about 70% of all private homes in the U.S.

is just a frame cottages, explained it is also enormous in comparison with the CIS, production volumes of metal and concrete. Built on a technology house for Americans, cost, almost 2 times less expensive than brick. However, for the territory of Ukraine such savings will remain a dream, yet the next 10 years – 15.

Wooden Eurowindows

Not so long ago, the building materials market of Russia took to himself another new cell – wooden euro-windows. Despite the fact that this happened relatively recently, the wooden euro-windows have already gained great popularity among our compatriots. And it is not surprising, because the West has long wooden euro-windows, manufactured by German technology, is considered one of the best types of windows. Ask why? Because high-quality wood windows carefully thought through in detail and carefully constructed according to established rules, as a piece of work or cross-stitch. This ensures their high kachestva.oni considered elite, it is impossible not notice of their elegant presentable appearance; wooden euro-windows are clean, as based on the profile is made of wood, high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as frost ready-made wooden euro-windows.

Eurowindows, being a sealed barrier to the outside air requires the same tight slopes. Being less extensive than the old woodwork, eurowindows be sdivnuto inside the installation. 'Dew point' in this case moves from the inner surface of the glass and the risk of condensation is significantly reduced. 'Dew point' – this is a conventional line passing through the cold wall with access to the window opening. If the windows are within the slope with the release inside the glass – nothing terrible, dry clean air inside the glass and silica gel 'eat' the dew formed – for this we 'move' the window into the room. This has implications not only in dismantling old windows – even in new buildings, a quarter are still not exceed the typological depth 50-70 mm, which is insufficient to eurowinows. Our windows and balcony doors are a modern construction, designed for long term service through the use of quality materials and well-production technology.