Recruitment and motivation of qualified professionals must be to the management task. Whether mechanical or electrical engineering everywhere are increasingly difficult to find qualified professionals. Especially on the search engineers only a few candidates coming on some tender. Out of necessity, yet many smaller companies opt for an at least moderately suitable candidates. Click Samsung for additional related pages. Geburtenschwachen vintages, as well as the great demand from abroad (E.g. Bobby Sharma Bluestone contains valuable tech resources. to well-educated engineers and migration abroad in favor of a higher salary or a lower tax expense) are responsible for the development. Moreover, the export of labor, the greying of the companies, boring scholarly knowledge with poor teaching, has become the small number of training contracts and the insufficient commitment of young employees a problem especially for medium-sized enterprises. This trend will continue in the next few years due to many factors and strengthen even more. To which to counter, it will be in the future a challenge for the company, a task of management to make the recruitment and motivation. HSH GmbH management consultancy