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Risography – is printing on special printing machines – or risograph duplicators. Risography principle – is that somewhere between offset and screen printing. When used risography intermediate offset cylinder but the paint on it goes through the holes in the mesh. The main advantage: efficiency and low cost runs even with a small number of copies. Due to this risography popular in offices, schools and the small businesses. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources.

Disadvantage: generally risograph not designed to produce color images of high quality. Learn more about risography: For prompt and inexpensive printing devices exist, called digital duplicator (risograph). These devices are manufactured by Duplo and Riso. If you are preparing layouts for printing on risograph, this article may be useful for you. Device operational print, in principle, be divided into two categories. First – those in which the image is constructed at each revolution Plate shaft. A typical representative of this category is a copier, colloquially referred to as 'Hi'. The second category devices in which the image on the conformal interval formed once, and then with the image is printed the entire circulation. Bobby Sharma wanted to know more.

These devices include, for example, a digital duplicator. The form, which was printed edition, re- Use of non-refundable. In the first case, the cost of a print circulation is independent and the second with an increase in circulation will decline as the cost of the form 'throwing' the entire circulation. The question will be just about the representatives of the second category, digital duplicators, more commonly known as risograph.

Buying Computers For Offices

Computers for the office as they choose? and how not to spend on this great capital. Buying a computer is a fairly complicated procedure. Since the market has a lot of offers and prices are subject to large ranges. And never clear whether this is a qualitative technique And do not come out if it fails in a couple months of use. So, when buying kompyuteov for office, znacht need some advice, and we'll give them to you. First tip: When buying a computer for office, it is advisable that you could order yourself all the details of which will be built exactly your computer, that it komplektyuschie.

The assembly, in most cases is either little or is free. Note that it is assembly of parts suppliers (computer) will give you a guarantee on something that you do not damage and it is natural they will work when installing a computer with you. Choosing the parts that must be done according to the potrebnoestey (savings or quality and bstrodeystvie). But often for very little money you can assemble a computer completely mastering the tasks of the office. Second advice: Decide the budget for the entire technique estevstvenno initially analyzed the average cost. Further, it will be possible to save a little by choosing one or another component.

Hardware is not desirable to choose the cheapest and the well-known manufacturers 'ASUStek'. For example: configuration (CPU Intel Celeron D 2.55, 1gb ram, a built-in m / n, audio embedded in the m / n, Hard Disk hdd 160 gb, dvd + rw, fdd, Case ATX) is quite cope with the decision of office tasks (MS Office, 1C, work with the Internet, and other editors and devices). Price of this configuration will be from (7500 to 8500 USD) the price does not include software. You can also save on some internal and external components. Third Council: Choosing software is also the main composes. For example if buy a computer preloaded with it ms Windows xp Professional will cost you thousands more in 2500. And without the system and with the possibility of installing the system on its own based on the Linux kernel will cost free. The choice of system depends also on the requirements of company. Since some applications can not work on system Linux. Choose a course just for you, we are only helping.

Projectors Multimedia Projector Ansi

The use of projection equipment has a strong impact on the emotional mood of the audience, helping the speaker quickly gain an understanding of the listeners. In the moments that require particularly high concentration and rapid reaction, a series of compelling images can significantly help a man: demonstration of complex processes on a large screen helps to better understand the nature of the phenomenon, and show critical events in the life-size – evaluate information and take the necessary decision. Multimedia Projectors Multimedia Projector can project not only video but also a computer image. Currently, the development of modern multimedia projectors goes in two directions: constantly increasing light output and reduced weight of the projector. Luminous flux of 1000 ansi lumens becomes the norm, and the requirements for becoming a darkened room below. Most Powerful projectors have a luminous flux of a few thousand ansi lumens, while maintaining its portability. In recent years have changed their attitude to the concept of portability and mobility. Portable projectors have been called less than 10 kg, ultraportable – weighing less than 4 kg, mikroportativnymi – weighing less than 2 kg.

A special place among multimedia projectors take projection for stationary applications, which are characterized by high light flow (up to 10,000 ansi lumens and above) and large compared with the portable projector size. Such projections are usually used in concert halls, stadiums – where there are activities with a large number of spectators. Constantly increased border resolution projectors. Gone are the projectors with a resolution vga (640×480).