Defense mechanisms, accepted tools to survive. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pete Cashmore offers on the topic.. It happens that we get confused. When in doubt, we reason as the person responsible. We believe that simply meditating on an action or an act, is enough to reach the correct answer. Nothing more wrong. Our minds have been developed with different knowledge, feelings and even with different information. What for some is obvious, for others it is the exact opposite, what we live and understand it is in most cases, what our genetic heritage has made us see things. Many times we act in a way that we can not understand when this happens, we look back, who we are, where we came from, how were our parents, grandparents. CEO of CoStar understands that this is vital information. What were their stories, hardships, their environment, what time there and in the end, knowing their own ailments, can we achieve rediscover the genetic load with which they usually exist.

One of the ways in which our mind protects us, what we know mechanism defense, is perhaps the way that best helps us to overcome any adversity, it happens that in order to eliminate from our hearts to someone we wanted to reinvent sometimes be his part in that there is not necessarily negative, you’re building on the other new information in possession of a number of weaknesses which together allow us to understand the why of our desire or need to withdraw from their environment. Living with the knowledge and the same feeling of love with someone we have left, abandoned or simply want to break the bonds that we joined him, is a tremendously difficult so any method that can serve to make us the distance and the breakdown can and are valid without this, we should feel guilty about the method used. The downside is when the other party, the alleged partner in no way resembles that attacked, can not understand that it is purely and simply the love and not hate the often talk. When lost or lost before the new interpretation of his life, he feels that they are attacking. All life has served to accumulate knowledge and this batch of itching that will not let us be happy. We are a bank that experiences are stored and exposed in the time and the least expected time. Is to search for the cause, finding the reason we will face our only real truth. Until this happens, simply sail in deep seas in which we find no difficulty swimming, breathing, understanding and ultimately staying afloat.