Scenario 1: When moving the printer carriage came noise or system error 86:01 (System error 86:01) appeared on the front panel. Causes of errors can be: scraps of paper or other foreign objects in the path of the carriage, cable carriage – incorrectly padded or heavily worn and soiled, worn bearings carriage, the lack of grease on the path of the carriage, dirty line (Encoder Strip), motor carriage, or station Service (Service Station). Here are the steps that will help fix the problem, or more or less accurately localize it. Important: The current printer firmware must be 4.2 or above to the new Service Station (Service Station) could correctly work. If the firmware is lower than 4.2, please download the latest available at the manufacturer's website. Open the center cover and visually check for torn pieces of paper or other objects in the way of the carriage and remove any found foreign objects (before it is desirable to remove the loaded paper even if it was loaded). Turn on the plotter, and determine whether the sound is normal for his work. Not a lot of noise – it is quite normal.

Also, normally if audible clicks when the carriage occupies the extreme right and left (goes under the lid). Unlock the carriage: Select the Set up menu on the plotter, and then press enter. Then hold down the up and enter (arrow "up" and "Input"). Scroll down the menu to the point of Service Utilities, and then press enter.

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