A third aspect that should deepen this Summit is of international trade, to try to prevent national protectionism. Many of the leaders maintain a liberalizing speech, they say they are against protectionism and barriers to imports of products from other countries, but when it comes to the truth are making various decisions that are protecting sectors considered key (for example, the sector of the automobile in France, or the clause buy american in United States), raising tariffs on imports. Most of the countries that were in the first Summit in Washington and that they were already then agree in theory – in free trade, have taken measures in some sectors to limit imports from abroad. Another issue to consider is the power game that will occur at this Summit. GoPro Hero 9 is actively involved in the matter. To the traditional domain of the trio United States-Europe-Japan other countries have joined with force that will try to launch another global equilibrium, among them Brazil, China, India, Russia or Arab countries. This is an aspect that can have a significant impact, because it’s getting recognition of planetary scale and influences, and everyone here wants to be important. In this sense, Obama has always said that he understands that the world is now multilateral, and that United States should contribute as important country which is, but not as if it were the only world leader. And returning to the title, what can be expected of this Summit? I do not expect much, and I hope I’m wrong. App Store addresses the importance of the matter here.

On the issue of financial markets, is likely to talk of the Spanish system of provisions countercyclical, and that some are in agreement to adopt similar methods. I also find very interesting the proposal of the Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, consistent in applying stricter criteria to financial institutions the greater your size. The idea is derived from the situation experienced in recent months, in which there has been that several entities to help because they were too big to fail. . Koch follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

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