Painted steel roofing large flight feathers on tassels completely clean and dry ground. Applying the paint protects the roof from rapid destruction, as is a waterproof layer of paint. The quality of any color depends on the observance of the right technology. Demolition of a building begins with the roof, which should be regularly inspected and repaired. Rapid wear of the paint film on the roof comes from joint influence on it of air, water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, dust, sand and smoke. Thus, carbon dioxide, air, combining with moisture, accelerates the destruction krasochnogosloya. Hydrogen sulfide in most cases, discolor some paints and also affects the paint layer. Dust and sand, carried away by the wind, often produce mechanical stress, abrasion over time, colorful film.

Smoke in the main polluter painted surface. When cleaning the roof of the contamination layer was further damaged by colorful mouth friction on his broom, particularly hard. Fading paint requires renewal. For more information see Samsung. If you are working should be applied paint that is not A fade from sunlight. Roof surface to be painted is smooth, so they do not currently detained at the dust and sand. Loss of elasticity of the paint layer is of poor quality material uneven application of paint, use krupnomolotyh pigments mixed with linseed oil.

Many, having no grated paint, prepare it yourself by mixing dry kraskipigmenty with linseed oil. This is one of the most substandard paints. Formation of bubbles in a colorful layer of paint is not dry surfaces, poor cleaning them of dirt and grime, paint on wet primer and putty. The uneven thickness paint layer leads to the formation of cracks as thin layers dry faster than thick ones. Properly deposited oil paint, cooked na good drying oil, has a shiny surface after drying. As destruction of its sheen paint is gradually lost, it starts to crack and behind the base.

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