The majority of searches can throw not intended results or a large number of texts with little relevant information. Refrain from making the most common mistakes and make effective their research. Search engines function as mediators between the amount of information posted on the Internet and what the user intends to find; ultimately, they are responsible for facilitating his navigation. Search engines try to record every word contained in each page of the network. Then, the obtained information is organized so that it can be referenced quickly. Then, when you enter a particular word, the search engine shows you all pages containing that term, made that involves a large number of unnecessary results. Stipulates by reducing the number of options may find, with greater efficiency, what you want. For example, if you are going to find out a kind of fish and don’t know his name, thinks its characteristics or in related words and join them – in this way you will be closer of his response-.

Not However, to become a good search engine, you should use key words in sentences, i.e., economizing words and choose the most important, and to better define the particularities of their object of search. Shortcuts in addition to reduce the length of the sentence, there are tips for good results: to enclose your keywords in quotation marks (), the search engine will limit responses to the exact phrase at the foot of the letter. Moreover, given that there are words written same but with different meaning (homonymous), using dashes or minus sign (-) just before the word that you want to exclude will prevent him confusion or not expected results. Do to make inquiries about possible purchases, type the range of its budget after the name of the article: If you want to buy a laptop and has a range of U$ 300 to U$ 600, enter then laptop U$ 300 or$ 600?. To be specific, using keywords, and use different signs in search engines, the useless information will be marginalized and can find exactly what you need. Related articles what as well using Google?

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