The State-owned funds, which are invested for education and the placing of children, are reduced from year to year. Although many politicians speak to invest more money in the care and education of children, but mostly only lip service. Therefore, many nurseries or debt are looking for alternatives, to the financing of projects, days and trips itself to organise and finance. Of course, money to ask the parents and grandparents of children, so that the planned projects can be carried out then is a possibility. Unfortunately these gifts can be often not fully appreciated, though they really much help. To appreciate money gifts, small gifts are offered, that don’t cost much, but yet to have a big impact. Promotional pens are here as an example. elated topic. These pens can be made of plastic or metal depending on the request and with the logo of the kindergarten or school.

Also a thank you for the paid donation can be attached on the advertising pen very well. By choosing the color and shape of the pin the lettering can come very well to the fore the desired effect, namely to make parents happy. To publicise the donation and encourage any other parents and grandparents to cash donations, passing the advertising pen in the context of a summer festival can be and are mentioned as a photo and a small article in the daily press. However, promotional pens can be used not only as a thank you in nurseries and schools. These promotional pens can be produced in large quantities and then sold to the parents, grandparents, godparents and other relatives. say. Finally used pens in everyday life by almost anyone. The mother needs the ballpoint pen, for example, to create the shopping list, the father would like to record this maybe an important appointment.

And the OMA uses the pen to the Write up a delicious cake recipe. Why should a pen then not even be used, which bears the name of the kindergarten? Produced in quantities of several hundred promotional pens cause only costs a few euros, because the unit price is depending on the shape, color and design of the PIN for a few cents. The pens are then delivered, they can be offered to the summer festival or another important event for sale to all parents, grandparents and guests of the Festival. Also a stand can be used for the annual town festival as idea. The proceeds benefit directly to children, so that can be bought new toys or project days, depending on the age and needs of the children.

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