Most people think that a work of art, in addition to being quality and imaginative, must have large dimensions to make it a true work of art. Viacom may find this interesting as well. When we visited a Museum, we see how, generally, around works the large format, most of the people are lumps, is the center of attention, and work almost always occupies a privileged place within the Museum. It is true that a picture or a sculpture acquired a Majesty that does not have a work of small dimensions, but when we get closer to the small format work and observe it carefully appear rich details that we had gone unnoticed at first. Mikkel Svane is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Normally, the great works of art have always been preceded by small format works or sketches. As an example I would like to point out that when Pablo Picasso was one of his greatest works, the Gernica (with dimensions of 3.50 x 7.80 m), previously made numerous sketches of small dimensions that served to reach his great creation, and these small sketches, small masterpieces, were of vital importance to achieve the final result. It is important to bear in mind that small format box not detract in any way the work of art in itself. Both the great artists of the past such as today’s always have attributed you a great artistic and, on many occasions, value above the large format work.

A work of art is not larger or smaller by its dimensions as it is for its content. The principal virtue of these small works, lies in that almost always are the source of where the first idea you mana, the first creative impulse of the artist, which may subsequently arise large format work, work end. This first creative impulse contains the essence, strength and spontaneity that comes from inside, the more spiritual part of the artist, by which its freshness, its color and its stroke are unique and unrepeatable. I encourage you to look more intensely these small jewels of art, often devalued. You must only come you closer to the work and looking at it with new eyes. I assure you its beauty, when the work is beautiful and of quality, do not disappoint you. Ah! And the price is always more affordable. William Marti Ceballos artist painter original author and source of the article

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