It is scientifically known as Siyibum Marianum and is a plant whose active agents found in the seeds of the same. Mariano Thistle is a plant that since since hundreds of years has been used to improve the health of the liver.This plant comes from the same family that the Artichoke and its main properties are the protect us from any liver disease, against menstrual pains, against snake bites and insect stings. The friend of the liver: in phytotherapy, milk thistle is known as guardian of the liver since it exercised a protective role against the various pathologies and diseases related to the liver and the pancreas. However it has also other type of valuable health benefits. The milk thistle protects the liver because their intake makes the liver produce up to 35% more glutathione. Substance encargade rid of all harmful toxins that are stored in the liver by foods, environmental factors, drugs, alcohol etc. Main properties of milk thistle: aid to improve the health of the liver. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

It regulates cholesterol levels. It is one of the best anti-inflammatory remedies. It detoxifies the body of harmful substances protects against radicals free thanks to the natural antioxidants that has this plant. Also helps to undo the renal calculus by which must take into account if we are suffering from this painful condition. In terms of cholesterol, Thistle also helps regulate levels of blood cholesterol by what you must bear in mind where we are prone to cardiovascular disease. Original author and source of the article

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