The beach is the realm of permissiveness, at least while being walked you towel. It is also the place where experiment morbid go naked to open sky. Is not created on any beach and in any situation, what is going. Mine is not a totally free nude, desacomplejado and desculpabilizado, on the contrary, is very sick and I live without being able to let go of much of the warnings against nudity and Sin on their day in my malleable spirit imbued by the missionaries of the Sacred Heart fathers. em. I only occasionally take bathing suit two weeks I summer in Formentera, as now but quiet, as I write these lines I cover with my old and baqueteados shorts style gurka-kaki, almost only to bathe me and never when I have the slightest suspicion that there are jellyfish. A friend, Jorge Ll., did not take into consideration this last and simple rule and his agony on the shore, holding between seizures bass with both hands, looked like a scene taken from the initial save footage to private Ryan. We even think to put end point to their suffering, but is difficult to finalize to someone with a t-shirt racket, especially when both moves. Source of the news:: naked sea.

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