The other strategy could be that the person ” invente” some physical annoyance or disease. In order to obtain it could begin to take the head, or to pretend that the waist hurts much to him, etc. In this case it could act thus knowing full well that does not want to lose the use needs and simultaneously it wants to go away. You have seen some case thus? Suele to happen in the works in dependency relation! The strategy that person chooses will depend on its beliefs and values. If it thinks that it can find another use easily, then it does not have much sense that ” invente” a gripal picture. Also, the beliefs and values of this person, are to his time determined by its identity. If ” ver” can; to itself, to identify itself, like a success person, then is very possible that it has the belief, the conviction that it can obtain to another use easily and even that labor could become independent. We continue advancing in the levels and its identity depends on its intention in the life, a sense of spiritual, something deeper of because it considers that he is in this life and why of how wants that his it is present at influences his family, friendships, community and society.

This example illustrates the idea that a neurological level has a significant influence on those levels inferiors, and very little influence on the levels superiors, as raises Robert Dilts in this model of Neurological Levels. In this way, so that a personal change (or also in an organization or community) is permanent and viable in the time, it must be aligned with the logical levels superiors or must take place in the possible highest level directly. Said of another one it forms: the more deep the level in which a change takes place, the more hits in the levels inferiors. (and not to the inverse one). A small change in the Spiritual level, can bring about a great change at all the other levels, that is to say level ” global”. Suscrbete to Two m and receives E-Books with Techniques of PNL Free to improve your personal and professional life!

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