Rob despite being so young and so successful, it has maintained its very simplicity. Money and success have not gone to his head. Their way of communicating with you in his book, is the same as always, simple and straightforward. No positions or filler words. Takes no position of “Guru” is a good person trying to help you understand this confusing world of how to make money on the net. In some respects, the techniques shown in his book, seem a bit complicated, sometimes it requires not only read, you must “study it” thoroughly and put them into practice, and brother of a sudden you do open the opportunities to generate traffic and make money. I’m being honest, I find that this young Rob Benwell is a genius in this topic. Some topics in this book, are studied very thoroughly, and otherwise would not, therefore, sometimes gives the impression that he hopes that you have understood the basics.

But at the same time provides you with several videos, which for people like me who are more “visual” we favor a lot. He also points out “The 5 Commandments” that you have to follow in 2009, to make your blogs to test changes in the future. In my opinion, they should be printed and placed in front of you, on your desktop or wherever you put your computer so that you are not forgotten. This book begins with an extensive explanation of your market research. This I believe is very successful. The aspects of learning to work according to the policies of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) Is another success.

Nothing more negative work “against the grain.” We must not forget that they are practically the owners of the Internet and therefore they set the rules of the game. Final Verdict: If these Bloggosfera out there in trying to survive or win a significant amount of money, in this case I recommend you do this and book as soon as possible. There is no point to try to reinvent the wheel,

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