But this, will not prevent that facts as the ones that we attend in January of 2011 (and it has years behind) come to disclose themselves, nor neither, will regulate the intensity of its manifestation. What we would have to make is to divide the costs and the benefits in three categories, instead of two. Beyond the social and private costs and benefits, we would have to classify them in social, private and ambient, having to be these last independent of the social costs and benefits. The trend in considering the ambient costs and benefits as integrant part of the costs and social benefits is enganosa. The case current of the serrana region of Rio De Janeiro, or the case of the recent past in the state of Santa Catarina is seen.

Although the raised social and private costs, had ambient benefits. More info: Josh Harris Mets. This can be paradoxical, but it is truth. The Nature if freed of the Man, with a incontida fury, banishing it from spaces on which it, Nature, demonstrated to be in the control, and proved to be the Man incapable to compete with it. Exactly with pains of the losses human beings and materials that we have and we are attending, we must, forcibly, recognize that the Nature only reconquered what was its, and that the Man does not have conditions to hold back. That is, the Man proceeded to a fragile occupation, that its more advanced technology allowed, but is not enough to face the Nature. That is, in some regions, in the fall of arm between the Man and the Nature, this was successful. Or we go to deny that the facts evidenced in the serrana region of the River, in the catarinenses valleys and certain areas of So Paulo had given victory to the Man? It has how many years, in the months of December, January and February, determined regions of the city of So Paulo, systematically, they have problems of destroyed houses and companies damaged in function of rains (that they are always above average esperada&)? Passed the rainy station, one retakes the old ones and known measured palliative of always: to extend captation net, to construct galleries, etc.

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