To date, hard drives are the most popular devices for storing data. And there are a number of objective reasons. But lately there are more devices that use ssd (Solid State Disk) drives, and there is quite a logical question: "Will they displace hard drives?" I think you understand that the choice will make users, focusing on the characteristics of the devices and the opportunities they provide. So, let's look at pros and cons of ssd devices. Let's start with the advantages: 1) High speed. To date, there are devices, such as onyx series from the company ocz (link at end of article) that provide velocity read / write 125 and 70 Mb / s, respectively.

This is a very good performance, comparable with rates of conventional hard drives. In addition, these devices can be combined in raid arrays. 2) No moving parts. Unlike conventional hdd ssd drives have no moving parts. As a result, increased reliability and resistance to vibration. Generally, the values of congestion 1000G, which lead device manufacturers, are more theoretical character. The device can and will withstand such an overload, but what will happen to own a pc? But in any case, this is a big plus, especially for mobile devices. 3) No noise.

Also a consequence of structural peculiarities. No moving parts – no vibration, no vibration – no noise. 4) Ability to work in a wide range of temperatures. Magnetic surface of conventional hard drives is not very fond of large fluctuations in temperature. Therefore, for devices that planned to operate on the street, ssd drives will suit much better. Disadvantages: 1) High cost per 1 gb. True, she is constantly decreasing, but still, this parameter is several times higher than it is noticeable vinchesterov.Osobenno on models of large volume. The cost of the hard drive is mainly determined by the number of plates, and the cost of ssd drives is proportional to its volume. 2) Reliability. Probably not worth it to write this paragraph in the gaps. Case that the life of ssd drives is determined by the number of read / write cycles. And manufacturing companies love to manipulate these figures. In addition, massively applied ssd devices become more recently, so to speak something with 100% certainty is not yet possible. But in any case, 3-5 years of stable work provided. Prospects. ssd drives new technology and constantly evolving. So recently it was reported that the cost of devices which will appear in 2012 will be 70% below today's prices (link at end of article). All other parameters will also be improved. Naturally, these devices will make a major change in the balance of power in the market. Also, wait there are very long.

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