When recording video with a cell phone, there are many tips that can help that the video quality is considerably better. While before we talked about tips for taking good pictures with your mobile phone, today we want to talk about some tips to improve the quality of the videos recorded with mobile. 1) Know your team. It is a fundamental in photography in general mantra and many even more when we talk about mobile. Great things can be achieved with the camera of a mobile phone but we must bear in mind that we are talking about teams where we do not control the aperture or shutter speed. As much as we can control the ISO sensitivity.

In any case I advise know well the ranges of mobile, know that situations are low lights and that situations are high lights for our mobile sensor. Unable to manipulate the diaphragm have to know very well the equipment with which we have. (2) It lights up like a pro. The fact that you are using a mobile phone does not mean that you can not illuminate the scenario correctly. In this sense, take the opportunity to use reflectors, flags, diffusers and everything you can. Faced with poor image quality your best salvation is good lighting. (3) Prevents the direct audio. Unfortunately, despite the advances that mobile phones have made in the field of video recording, indeed they are still pretty useless when it comes to capture audio.

Unable to connect a microphone to your mobile phone, the best thing you can do is prevent the audio. You can also record the audio and once soon video edit recording vocals separately and place them on the same track. (4) It uses original blueprints. The great advantage of the mobile is the mobility provided by you. You aren’t tied to thousand tripods and cables and you can move smoothly to achieve levels that you want. (5) Use a tripod. Fortunately there are those who have invented tripods for mobile and sadly many plane will require the employment of one that goes well the image. If you can get ahold of one of these tripods. They are usually conventional tripod which is placed an additional accessory. (6) It fits your mobile the best resolution possible. Many cell phones today allow adjust them so that they recorded in high definition. Having a mobile phone with these capabilities as, for example, the Nokia N8 u iPhone 4, among others, it is best take advantage of them. (7) Do not use the Zoom mobile. Remember: Zoom = bad. Zoom only thing that makes a mobile digital is expanding the size of the pixel and thus degrade the quality of the image. (8) Do not use the ISO sensitivity of the mobile. In the vast majority of cases a high ISO sensitivity is equivalent to an image with noise. It avoids that your ISO is higher than 100. (9) Let your imagination fly. Not present obstacles to yourself. The quality of a mobile phone is no longer what it was before, and you can achieve great things with mobile phones of today.

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