New bc.lab social media monitoring service analyzes Facebook, Twitter & co in near real time. Companies are thus able to recognize customer needs faster and to implement. 400.000.000 Facebook user, 50,000,000 tweets a day the explosively growing number of users of social networks on the Internet provide new challenges. Because while many consumer products recommend, criticize and praise, others refer to exactly these ratings, before you decide on a purchase. The Internet has become within a few years the largest ever communication machinery, the company increasingly put on the communicative defensive. To be, the flood of information from the Internet bc.lab now offers a customized social media monitoring service, with the online discussions and opinions filter out Twitter & co and analyze themselves almost in real time from Facebook. Ali Partovi has much to offer in this field.

With the help of a specially developed monitoring software opinions, recommendations, tips and experiences are systematically evaluated, analyzed and for companies individually. It used cutting-edge technologies like semantic tools and self-learning filter systems, recognize positive and negative moods, languages and themes. What information businesses are interesting, often depends on the product itself”explains Peter Baird Lane, Managing Director of bc.lab. So, for example, software manufacturers want to know why their customers have problems with the installation or use of the software, food producers are interested in whether recipes, succeed in record companies listen closely, as the fans about the latest single off thinking”. Through the real-time analysis, customer wishes can be accordingly quickly recognized and implemented. An advantage that would be hardly conceivable without the bc.lab of social media monitoring..

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