OK, let’s start …. You must be in html format to enter the code in the page. In the upper part must include the following: This allows RSS readers to know that the page is set to an RSS feed. Then you add the code that identifies your channel information. This tells readers about their food. Add your feed’s title here describe sites which offer their food is-is what is above the mean? Here’s the breakdown.

Label Definitions … The “Title” tells viewers label the name of your channel. The “link” tag provides a link to your website. The “description” tag describes what it offers its channel and the “language” label indicates that it is written in English. Now, for those of you who want to give a picture as the logo of your feed you can add the following tags: title for the / image.gif image Place a link here as / 88 31 Describe what your site offers OK – Now that we have all the business side of food out of the way we can get to the code that allows you to display their content. For each item you want to allow others to view you need to add the following code. My first article / myfirstarticle.htm etc. Provide the title or brief description here for each new item is added you should follow this same format.

Pretty simple, huh! Now we will close your feed. To this, add the following code after the last item you want to display. No, it’s done. Now save the page with the extension. RSS and upload it to your website. No matter where you save it to, can be in the root directory or in a separate folder. —————– —– You can obtain more in-depth and complete step by step instructions free ebook “RSS Publishing Made Easy”, which you can download when you subscribe to my newsletter review network. —————– —– Now that you’ve created your source that you want to share with others on your website and even distribute it in the order sites.In others see your new feed in any website, or let others show it on your’s that you need to make one or two things. You can …. 1 – Turn your RSS Feed URL to a java script code that can be added to any website on your’s or other places. You will need a converter RSS javascript. Do not worry, because they are free online services you can use to do this very quickly. My favorite is … / rssxpress.ukoln.ac.uk / lite / Here’s another … / jade.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu / feed / You can also search news aggregators and directories reader you can submit your feed to more exposure. Now with an RSS feed is an efficient way to send your content directly to viewers who have asked. This provides another avenue for getting your message seen by more and more people across the network. Ed Duvall’s webmaster and provide tools for Internet marketing and resourcesto help you with your online business. Reprint this article provided the recursoscuadro intact.

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