INQIURE for certain industries focus. Cloud computing systems for a well-functioning corporate communication, internally and also externally, are indispensable in many companies. The special feature of the Web-based application company STAGEx INQUIRE is that on the one hand and bundled covers all processes of corporate communication in the application, on the other hand due to the modular structure also individual target groups, sectors can be aligned interests. INQUIRE is an excellent communication platform in particular also for the PR work by publicly acting institutions such as educational institutions and associations. So, the Web-based application also for authorities and administrations makes more and more sense as practical examples already show.

Directories on the Web site, the information and invitation management of economic development or of city marketing can be by INQUIRE centrally maintained and controlled. The operation is to make much faster, easier, more transparent and above all understandable, as with the previous ways the typical Office applications. If the communication platform is flexible, it can be used also versatile and integrated by the authorities. Active communication is possible only in the networking. Since no tables and lists, which are managed independently of each other by ten hands help.

The time is long gone. Social networks do it for us. If young people with just a few clicks can invite several thousand people to a birthday party, albeit unintentionally, then should it in a business environment useful certainly also be possible to communicate with companies and business partners. Modules such as the event management with the possibility of online registration, via direct response email newsletters or via the website, are easy to INQUIRE. Targeting based on interests and no mass communication. This allows you to INQUIRE. More publications for sectors and targeted applications of INQUIRE will follow shortly. Until then, there is additional information at:

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