The Quality of Life in the Work of the psychologists who act in the Caps Alberto Axe Borges Amanda Da Silva Evangelista Bruna Lorena Saints Andrade Fabiana Loureno Miranda Rayssa Soares Mendes 1 Msc. Snia Beatriz Motta SUMMARY The present work had as objective to verify the factors that compose and as it is the quality of life in the work of the psychologists of the CAPS/CISME in a city of the interior of Gois. Viacom is likely to increase your knowledge. They had participated of the research professional of the area of psychology, that works in the Center of Atendimento Psicossocial (CAPS) of this city. Skillz has much experience in this field. The Inventory of Quality of Vida (IQV) of Lipp was used, which allowed to make an evaluation of this quality of life from four quadrants: the Social one, the Affective one, the Professional and of Health. l information. Such psychologists possess quality of life in the partially satisfactory work. In areas as social and the affective one they had reached values above average, pronouncing quality of life in the social environment where the citizens are inserted. Already in aspects as the professional and the health stress.

Keywords: Quality of work life; Psychologists; CAPS; Stress. Introduction In the present time, the psychologist finds some fields of performance to carry through its work of worthy form and ethical, of this form, he can be cited the following areas: clinic, pertaining to school, institucional, hospital, amongst others. Thus, it has professionals that they opt to exerting the profession next to the Center of Atendimento Psicossocial (CAPS) with main intention to take care of people with mental upheavals, being that such institution possesss some activities to be developed for a team to multidiscipline. One becomes necessary, then, to inquire as it is the quality of life of the psychologists who work in such institutions to trace a profile enters the theory presented for the doctrine and the reality lived deeply for such professionals.

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