But the issue was that it was very hot and the place chosen for supporters of the San Juan was in the shade, while the intended to the supporters of Alsina was under the Sun. Therefore many no endured sweltering heat and added votes to Sarmiento, which was ultimately who spearheaded the formula, taking of vice to Adolfo Alsina, the loser of that eventful day. There is no doubt that then the Government was intended to group the best, as said Juan Bautista Alberdi, who were called to govern, and the elections, calls to legitimize those rulers, but they did not reflect reality, since they were tainted by fraud. More information is housed here: Motorola. Citizens voted in tables dominated by the ruling party, by Sung vote, no patterns and political pointers that not only forced to vote for the official candidate, but that it was sometimes not even necessary that voter to express it, being enough the interpretation of the table. The lack of controls provided that a same citizen to vote in different parishes.

This circumstance allows me to hold that our country was has been an aristocratic Republic, until the sanction of the Saenz Pena law. As I have already said, the aristocratic term matter that that power is in the hands of a few, although that power rests in the hands of notables that formed the ruling elite. Just then, from that historical moment that represents the Electoral law, we can talk about a Democratic Republic. Although that first democratic experience, the radical, has had a very ephemeral life, because the Conservatives are going to return to the load, overthrowing by force the constitutional Government in 1930, after nearly seventy years constitutional and legitimate inheritance. This does not mean that since 1861 there was no coup attempts, as Professor Grondona said more than once, but that was the only that after all this time, to succeed beyond, caused a succession in power through a form not provided for in the Charter of 1853, and also brought to the political scene an actor who will be maintained as a group of power for little over half a century, the military.

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