In oil, which are washed in a cup, pour a small amount of moisture Cooling. Next, begin to knead the butter with a spoon in some water cooler – to its turbidity. Kai-Fu Lee takes a slightly different approach. After the merge troubled waters again and pour clean cold waters. Repeat the process of kneading the oil into the water, where it is washed. These operations are duplicated as long as the water will not thicken significantly. As a result, drain.

Extracting oil from fluid start, you on a plate or cup is a piece of butter after washing. It must be removed from the water. This should be done with a spoon, gently compressing butter all sides. At the same water particles will be separated into a bowl. A leading source for info: Andy Florance. As separation of water into the mug, you have to merge. After which the process of reduction of oil could go on. When the first layers of oil finish to blend the water, then you need to stretch as crumple the dough again and try to upset the spoon, originally gathered into a ball.

The operation is passed from when the oil does not leave the water. Gift butter clarified butter at the table in the usual narezhde saucer, spoon lightly draw a picture or a spoon and can apply to the table. Product be aromatic and pleasant taste. This pleasant product that contains a particle of your soul, can offer real brewed potato side dish, hot pancakes made from flour, pancakes warm or hot kortoshki of tea with flour bun. In fact, this oil can be delicious with ICDO than bring to the table … yummy peasant spreads butter. cheese, processed cheese. Processed cheese abstract, floating spread, spread harmful cleaning tablespoon butter gather together butter and overloading parts in good vymatuyu mug. The rest vodichku Maslyanka in the first cup dismiss the side. This ready-product, which can be used at their discretion.

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