The figures of the intersubjetividade and the practical professor the relationship between individuals in the environment bes situated in the field of the action, or in the freedom of action, what it implies the negotiation with the other. In this direction, the intersubjetividade is the relation between citizen and citizen and/or citizen and object. Therefore, to understand the processes in which if they give these relations, to understand itself exactly as bridge of departure for the understanding of the other, means an important task for the professor, a time that this is in contact with different individuals. We will see to follow some reflections on of that it forms the four intersubjetivas matrices contribute for the practical professor. On the education a theoretician comments who brought great contributions and perspectives for the education, that the paper of this meets to the guiding of subject to a freedom on. ' ' To educate is to know to launch in the fertile soil of the other – my pupil, my friend, somebody with who dialogue to know, dreams, and values – the seed that ahead it makes to germinate in its heart the desire of partilhar with the others the dialogue of the construction of a world of justice, equality and liberdade.' ' (BRANDO 1995, s/p).

In this perspective, we can affirm that of the one if point of view of the trans-subjective intersubjetividade the educative process in the measure where the professor perceives the pupil as the other that must be known, leaving I begin of it that the knowledge of the other must leave exactly of the conscience of itself. The conscience is non-separable of its expression in consequence of the cultural set of its half one. In this context, when the professor perceives that an indifference between I and the other exists, it starts to acquire a new to look at on the pupil, being reflected practical its and action perceiving that the same it is the citizen of the teach-learning process, therefore its object of study, that is, if cannot define which previously will be its desires and aspirations, difficulties and abilities.

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