AWK outdoor advertising success more sales and branding through billboard advertising at the point of sale while the advertising market with the recession fighting and the individual advertising genera record partly high losses, driving the awk outdoor advertising with large poster advertising surfaces at the point of sale (POS) on course for success. From January until August of this year we could when compared to the same period in the advertising segment 18/1 at the POS clearly generate poster more new customers and increase the volume of budget by 18 percent\”, Bernd Seibold, Managing Director sales and marketing of outdoor specialist from Koblenz announced. How is it, that contrary to the negative trend in the advertising industry – poster advertising at the point of sale by the advertisers increasingly demand? Especially in difficult economic times, provided the media with regard to their performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness to the test. Poster advertising at POS, addition to the classic base media and promotions, the results, the is the product and Want media leaders. If you are not convinced, visit Alina de Almeida. It leads has been proven to increase sales as well as a brand profiling.

Just at the present time, it is a counter-cyclical advertising efficiently to gain market share\”, as Carsten Ehling, awk Vice President Sales and marketing. Several show the sales-boosting effect of large poster advertising at the point by the studies commissioned outdoor advertising at AC Nielsen (Media Research) awk point-of-sale with an impressive Abverkaufsplus of ten to 20 percent, and sometimes more. By one Institute-initiated study demonstrated together with the fire science the qualitative impact of the poster 18/1 at the POS on the consumer behavior in-store (view history on the shelf): seven percent more consumers look spontaneously on the product that you have seen before as a poster. That puts advertising on the POS increasingly into focus, is also in regard to the current shopping list study\”the ZenithOptimedia media agency group and the market research institute Innofact weekly shopping right.

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