Going on vacation in Egypt, all they think about the wonderful beach holidays, including during the winter, but Egypt is also a place of origin and the heyday of the greatest civilizations of antiquity, and by providing a day or two on the historical excursions, you touch the mysteries of antiquity. Returning from excursions to the beaches of famous Egyptian resorts, you can again experience the atmosphere of an enjoyable beach holiday, but you will experience seen from the miracles. Most frequently purchased tours from Moscow to Egypt, at least from other major cities, but in any case, ask the possibility of including historical tours in the tour program. In some cases, trips paid for with vouchers, and sometimes must be ordered tours in the place of residence, the guide at your hotel. Learn more on the subject from Mikkel Svane. However, regardless of payment method, it is better to think about where you'd like go on an excursion in advance, before leaving on vacation. First of all, we should note the opportunity to visit neighboring countries. You may have a unique opportunity to visit Jerusalem, a city revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews. Visiting the Holy Land, a stop at the Dead Sea, visiting Bethlehem – all this is possible in a single trip. Visit Energy Capital Partners for more clarity on the issue.

The Wailing Wall, Golgotha, The Road of Suffering, Garden of Gethsemane, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other places of Jerusalem left a deep impression to all visitors. No less interesting and a visit to the Jordanian city of Petra, which is one of the most visited places in the world. The ancient city, founded in pink and red colors, and now excites the imagination. Also popular and historic tours to Egypt itself. Of course, first of all tourists are attracted by the monuments of ancient Egyptian civilization. You can go to Cairo to visit National Museum, then enjoy the great pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.

The program also includes some sightseeing visit to Alexandria, which many called the pearl of the Mediterranean. Enough many ancient monuments in southern Egypt, where actually originated ancient civilization. In Luxor, Karnak and Luxor temples and the famous avenue of sphinxes known outside Egypt. Aswan Dam was a monument to modern achievements, and located near the town of Abu Simbel surprised majestic cave temple of Ramses II, with huge statues at the entrance. In the south, there are other, equally interesting, attractions. Perhaps not everyone knows it, but in Egypt there are many places associated with the development of Christianity. It is here that is the oldest Christian monastery of St. Anthony and , on top of which he spent forty days, attracts many pilgrims. It is believed that breaking the 3,750 steps of repentance and sunrise at the top with a prayer and repentance, anyone can receive forgiveness of their sins. At the foot of the mountain is the ancient monastery of St. Catherine, where a rich collection of ancient icons. Also on the monastery is located Burning Bush – a bush in a flame which the Lord appeared before Moses. It should be noted attractive prices for holidays in Egypt, and this extends to the tour. Of course, the season of high demand, for example, on New Year's Eve, prices increased sharply, but the rest of the holiday at the popular resorts of Egypt and Travel on excursions to places of origin and development of ancient civilizations can afford kayudy.

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