Tips on how you can throw a pool party ala America one hears again and again by them in television: unrestrained pool parties in the warm regions of North America. Learn about how you can make such a party in Germany, the following. The places where in America the most pool parties are held, are the American standard in States such as Florida and something always allow California – where the temperatures. The weather must worry there rarely the Organizer. Peter Asaro is the source for more interesting facts. Also the mentality of Americans is vastly different than that of the Germans; If at a pool party is held, which is decorated with very loud music and huge amounts of alcohol that bothers most. Sometimes even securities are engaged to ensure that something gets hurt, who here would afford hardly anyone for a simple party in Germany. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. Contrast Germany whole would such a party in Germany look different.

For example the weather here not so reliable with plays as in the country of the thousand Options – so the first problem that you can only very difficult long-term planning a pool party is already. Neighbors also could pose problems as many as above mentioned, not so casual would accept a disturbance of the peace, as most Americans–and nobody probably wants a police onslaught on his party. Set from the outset the idea of a pool party forget solutions case, that your neighbors who are human, which immediately alert the police smallest exceeded the rest of the evening, you should except said neighbors are on vacation. If you do however understanding, you do just a couple of days first say that it could, be somewhat louder and longer If necessary, you could have also a little attention as an “excuse” to get them. If you are not constantly celebrating parties, your neighbors will have sure don’t mind.

If you want to engage any securities, because they are too expensive for you, then ask but a couple of your friends, that you know that this drink anyway not too much alcohol, whether to watch with, would take over the task, a little on the party guests. Now to the probably most pressing problem: the weather dependency. So the weather can make you a stroke by the Bill, is the only possible solution to create themselves a swimming pool roofing. These swimming pool covers are exactly adapted to your pool. There are also shelters, you can almost completely open, so that you are disturbed beautiful days not by a glass roof over your pool. Is also a swimming pool enclosure also for the colder autumn days of great benefit: you can use your pool much longer than without canopy. Bottom line if you want to have a weather-independent, undisturbed and secure pool party so, you deal best with those affected – neighbors and friends.

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