In production had one cut in virtue not to have consumers being wanted to demand products because of the reduction of capital in the hand of the same ones. The strategy of the Federal Government was to diminish the taxes of the products that more are vendidos to alavancar the sales, and to try to minimize the crisis, of form that the industries came back to use and consequentemente to come back to produce stimulating the Brazilians to come back to consume. In interview to a periodical, the president of the Magazine net Luza, Helena Luiza 4, explains that: This reduction leaves all storekeepers sufficiently optimistical, and concludes saying, that in the first days after reduction of the tax had a rise in the sales and the movement of people in the store of its net, but explains that the optimism biggest was the holiday of the day of the mothers, that surpassed the expectation of some, showed a great increase in the sales. However the effect of the reduction of the IPI not only affected the household-electric ones, also arrived in the automobile sector, that according to Periodical of the Globe, the reduction prevented that automobile industry dived at the beginning in a crisis of this year. An assembly line in the So Paulo ABC is cited in interview for the moment coming back the production of 44 (forty and four) cars. In the periodical it is cited that other sectors that use a great amount of man power and that they are being affected for the crisis, ask for with urgency the exemption of the tax. Exactly with the reduction of only 3 months, already the increase in the demand of the consumer is proven, in virtue of the reduction of the tax. We can perceive with the crisis the amount offered for the industries is very little, because of the small amount of demand of the consumers.

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