Natura Cosmetics official makeup BAF Week Fall / Winter ’09 La Rural, the 25 to 27 February. Natura Cosmetics is the official makeup BAF Week Fall / Winter ’09 to be held in La Rural, the 25 to 27 February.Fresh from S o Paulo Fashion Week where the company also played in local, Veronica Mendoza, make up artist of Nature, and his team will work with designers and brands that will be uploaded to the runway in Buenos Aires to define the styles of each of collections to be presented that week. Furthermore, Natura will have a showroom space for all visitors can learn about and experience the new proposals for season with professional advice brand The team will be led by Veronica Mendoza, Argentina Natura official makeup artist, who also represent the brand at various events, participate in the development of color palettes and trends for the American market. Through courses, launch lines and collections, the artist is responsible for transmitting not only trends but also makeup techniques. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This time, the task of Veronica will make the looks designed specifically for each parade, following the trends that Natura Cosmetics introduced this autumn-winter, and through Natura Diversa launches. The latter is the makeup line with technology based on biodiversity assets, and introduces products with spare parts to reduce environmental impact. Trends: “The winter of contrasts” is the name of the proposed Natura make up for the winter ’09, which will combine strong colors and bold with other softer and lighter. According to the firm, the trends seen in the largest fashion event in Brazil, which accompanies this cosmetic brand for almost a decade, including composition of tones in lilac, orange, and grape color. You may find that Ali Partovi can contribute to your knowledge. As the autumn light, also had their space brown, green and yellow. Moreover, “the proposed Natura experience and invites reflection on the” beauty conscious “understanding that from cosmetics, fashion and beauty world in general there is an opportunity to contribute to building a sustainable model for development of society “, according to reports from the company through a statement. In this context, some of the products that professional equipment used in BAF Week Natura are shadows quartet Candeia Selene-end comfort can also be reused, because the brand sells the parts-the Gloss SPF 15 Candeia extreme comfort and Kajal pencil with lilac and white.


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