Pallet cooperative (pool) of the plan began to appear abroad in the late 70s. twentieth century. One of the goals of their education was to combine the industry and the use of high-quality single standard pallet (size). Thus, the pallet is a cooperative enterprise combines a single industry. For example, food manufacturers (U.S.), producers of beer (in Japan).

How it works co-op? Forces manufacturers formed authorized capital to: the purchase of high quality, multi-pallet; maintenance department to repair pallets; administrative costs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Samsung and gain more knowledge.. Further, the circuit operates as follows: the manufacturer takes in the department of co-op pallets in accordance with their needs and use them according to their chain of distribution. At the end of the movement fit trays are returned to the original position. As for requiring the repair of pallets, then they are taken to a repair shop. It should be noted that a cooperative endeavor to use only suitable pallets. In case of breakage, manufacturers that use pallets should be repaired in their offices of the cooperative at its own expense, which sometimes do not. To avoid such scams administration co-operative may carry out inspections and may punish the party financially co-operative, using poor quality pallets. Commercial Pallet Association (Pool) Note, that this organization, as above provided, is a pool (the union). However, in this case, the pool members are not acting companies of the industry, and participants in the commodity chain: manufacturer, distributor, retail, and operates a chain of owner pallet (pallet pool provider).

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