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Warehouse Shop Software

The my-warehouse shop software in version 2.6 is now available. The my-warehouse shop software in version 2.6 is now available. Beside the flowing steadily into the system enhancements in terms of handling and performance, mainly the goods economy features in the foreground are at version 2.6. By extending this functionality the my-warehouse shop system is listed officially as shop system with billing. So the orders are not only new to put now but also editable, also orders can be merged and cloned. Thanks to the PayPal IPN, the shop systems can receive automatic notification of payment from PayPal and drop in the order history. With the feature visualization manages to use graphic elements for certain things.

This works for the free shipping, the free payment, new products, bestsellers and special offers but also for individual elements such as the symbols for print function, RSS feeds or video and audio elements. The graphics for this come from the Central Contentlibary of the my-warehouse, there several hundred usable graphics available. The automatic generation of product video is a tool based on existing product images in automatic way shop operators who have no own video material, a click of a button is sufficient to produce attractive product videos and such at no additional cost with multimedia material to spice the shop. The tool offers 24 various freely selectable transition effects, to incorporate the possibility of pages – and Copyrightverweis, as well as dubbing with own MP3 files and 4 types of ticker. On the day of the week report, the sales volumes of the days of the week may appear, on the basis of this information, the existing marketing mix can be optimised, own reporting benefit from export opportunities in CSV and Excel xlsx format. With the integration of automatically generated product recommendations from the my-warehouse commendation engine for customers with customer account be increased the Crosssellingfahigkeiten of the shop system.

The coupon code tool allows you to create any number of individual coupon codes the in the specified period percentage discounts granted. Click Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. Each coupon code group automatically has its own statistics to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Permanent coupon codes are also possible, perfect for marketing at trade fairs or Gutscheincommunities. With the Facebookanbindung Facebook app offer my warehouse shop systems to integrate possible components (bestsellers, new products, upcoming products, shop news from the newsdesk, top offer from the main page presentation and personal recommendation) of the online shop in the own Facebook page. New charts in the backend provide improved statistics and reports. The ability to export assembled shopping carts as a CSV or Excel file simplifies data transfers to the buyer, for example, in larger companies. With version 2.6 the my-warehouse shop system extends the capabilities of its goods economy, new ways of optical individualization of the my-warehouse Contentlibary and enables the shop operator to still more effective marketing. To the STAPIS GmbH: In addition to the design, configuration and support of networks of any size we offer Internet services in the areas of: Web design, search engine optimization, search engines and Web page translations, Affiliatemarketing programming of special solutions and adjustments or extension of existing systems. Deployment, customization and extension of shop systems consulting services to shop systems and E-Commerce STAPIS GmbH about supervised numerous networks in medium-sized companies. Our core competencies lie in the establishment and support of networks and services around the Internet specifically in the search engine marketing and E-commerce solutions.

Klaus Resch Verlag

Young graduates on job search the job board career start technology, graduates can for this purpose economy, trainee and company started her career is in order. Content of the publishing house with the graduates family opts for a proven concept. The books link the possibility to the targeted job search with a range of informative and editorial contributions around the issues of content, application, career planning and training. Nicolas Keller brings even more insight to the discussion. For the applicants, all career Planner free available so far are, at numerous universities and at recruitment events throughout Germany via the homepage of the publishing house. Although the applicant response mainly from the net, are and remain the critical media especially at the universities in terms of image maintenance traditional print products. This is one of the reasons why graduates career planners have lost many businesses today not to appeal. Due to their popularity, Technik und Wirtschaft in each 50,000 copies per semester appear graduates.

All books will be implemented in high-quality hardcover design. The innovative Publisher meets the high demand of online products in College marketing since 1996 through its job market. Specialized on young academics, includes more than 30,000 day-current vacancies. Currently more than 250 University partners from throughout Germany belong to the so far unique in the industry job portal network of career Portales. And rising! Press contact: Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo Sommer Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Tel.: 04435 / 9612 (0) Internet: eMail: is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job market among recruitment services for young academics in Germany for more than 10 years the Top5. In addition to the online presence is now 48 years the publication started her career the Publisher technique (for Engineers and computer scientists) and for 23 years the publication started her career out economy (economic and legal scholars). As the first publisher of job markets for university graduates in Germany print media today are for many students, professors and company standard media for the career

The Strategy

The spite of this, PORTER (2001: 108) remember that, lately, it has had on the part of the enterprise leaders a trend to emphasize the operational efficiency. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. This if must, to the literature of the area of the businesses of the decade of 80 and at the beginning of years 90, ideas as total quality, just-in-teams and would reengenharia. All they look for to deal with those basic questions for the functioning most efficient of the companies. During a certain time, some Japanese companies had transformed these questions into an art form. They were incrivelmente competitive. The obsession of Japan for ' ' efficiency operacional' ' , a problem of enormous ratios became because only ' ' estratgia' ' it can produce advantages lasting. It happens that the strategy has left of a proposal of different value.

It delineates a territory where the company has to see with choices. The essence of the strategy consists of fixing limits for what it is being tried to make. The company without strategy tries everything. If the company is making basically the same that its competitors, are improbable that the company not if skirt bonanza. Thus, never she is excessively to remember that, to compete, the company must be only to search one ' ' differential estratgico' ' , therefore a necessary company to make choices and to decide which values desires to offer and who, therefore she does not have as to be everything for all. After these consideraes you initiate and an established time the difference between efficiency operational and competitive strategy, fits to inquire: ) The option of the Metalic in producing steel cans, instead of aluminum cans, does not constitute a choice differentiates that it of its competitors? b) Which was,

Alexander Graham Bell

Today everyone can afford a phone connection at home or the office, but few know the history of invention of this device is so familiar. Invention, a device that would transmit and receive audio using to the properties of electricity, preceded by the appearance of the electric telegraph. February 14, 1876 an American of Scottish descent, Alexander Graham Bell filed in the U.S. Patent Office for an invention of an apparatus which he called telephone. Only two hours later a similar request made another American named Grey. This happens with the inventors and to this day, albeit very infrequently. Good luck Bella was still in the fact that to do an outstanding invention helped him to an accident. Yet a much greater extent by their appearance phone obliged huge efforts, persistence and knowledge of this man. Handset Bell served in the queue for transmission and reception human speech and the phone did not ring Bell.

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his machine at the Philadelphia World’s Fair. Within the walls of the pavilion was first sounded the word phone – so introduced himself as the inventor of a ‘speaking telegraph’. To the amazement of the jury of the horn this thing came monologue Prince of Denmark ‘To Be or Not To Be? ‘, Performed at the same time, but in another room, by the inventor, Mr. Bell. History has responded to this question unquestioning ‘to be’. Bell’s invention became a sensation in Philadelphia exhibition. This is despite the fact that the first telephone worked with monstrous distortions of sound, to talk with it could not continue to 250 meters, because he acted even without the battery power alone, electromagnetic induction, its receiver and transmitter devices were equally primitive. The first commercial phone conversation between New York and London took place on Jan. 7, 1927 on the transatlantic telephone cable. Few people know that in the ussr until 1968 in telephone numbers were not just numbers but also letters. And the first phones dialer did not exist. In his book “The list of subscribers of the Moscow telephone network” for the 1916 first paragraph of instructions for use telephones reads: “The central station is called a simple removal of mikrotelefona lever. The duty station must respond by telling his room. Then the caller clearly and distinctly said number, which requires a connection. ” On the first disk devices were only numbers. In the 20 years of the last century, close to the figures portrayed characters. In the Soviet Union on the phone beside the figures, too, there were 10 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, I, K and L. The letter W is not used, because it looks like a triple.

PDF Products

What we sell who live Internet? Do you know what are the advantages of this type of product?Why do almost all choose to sell these products? It is important to know that this article will make more sense for you if you have some time chasing people who earn money on the internet. Why? Info-products sold by that so you can have you realize that 99% of them. Info-products, as their name implies, are information-based products. In other words, that are like courses. You are also known as digital courses or Multimedia resources. For assistance, try visiting Nicolas Keller. Why all such products sold? Why not sell digital cameras, clothing, auto parts or accessories for pets? All of this has, not one, but several reasons being: distribution costs: in countries like United States, traditional mail works quite efficiently, however, in the countries of Latin America, history changes and above all when it comes to international shipping. Costs are rising in such a way that it is not profitable to sell physical products. Storage: with info-products you avoid all kinds of work of storing products because what you sell is on a hard disk of your computer.

Speed of delivery: because info-products are digital, who buy them can have access to them almost immediately after processing your payment. To broaden your perception, visit New Jersey Devils Owner. Own creation: info-products can be created by anyone who has a computer and Microsoft Word, so simple. Now can you imagine creating a camera?, or in case of not having to create it but only to sell it can imagine competing against sites like or Well, with a software like Microsoft Word can create a document that you then save as PDF and that already you can sell it. Obviously we are talking about the most basic option that exists, but the important thing is that at that level so basic you can do something and have your own product. As you can see, there are many reasons for which the majority of who live Internet sell info-products and not other type of merchandise. With this article, my intention is not limit yourself, but simply to explain the why of something that is a reality, however if there are other ways to make money online and whenever and wherever an honest way and to add value to people’s lives, I think that it is valid and would not try you to move away from a path like that. We keep in touch.

GSM Nokia

Nokia is regarded as more reliable mobile phone brand on the market today. These phones are a perfect blend between fashion and functionality. Nokia offers new mobile equipped with the latest technology and a fabulous and varied presence. These characteristics have made many faithful clients, who feel safe with the brand. The variety of options ranges from the basics to last generation phones.

While the mobile standard focus on the basic needs of the user such as messaging, etc. The of last generation include sophisticated features such as browsers, messaging snapshot, etc, combining in an elegant way communication, photography and videos. The mobile market is being witness to a revolution in cellphones, and the end is to keep connected people in the world today. Brand Nokia has several options so that the client can meet their needs, and often feels confused against the wide variety of cell phones that are on the market today. To solve this dilemma Nokia offers user interface for easier to make customer feel relaxed and secure in your Nokia choice. More info: charles koch. While the potential customers are making efforts to meet more and more cell phone that you have chosen, and thus take advantage of every penny you have spent, there are others who have blind faith in a specific brand. Nokian95, excelling, tops the list of trusted brands. Today, Nokia mobile phones are giving stiff competition to rivals, in addition to advertising, which receives wide public recognition.

The popularity of these phones can very well be attributed to the exceptional combination of splendid designs and very compatible with GSM/EDGE, 3 G/WCDMA and CDMA digital technology. They come equipped with a number of features of easy use of the Sist. operating Symbian, GPS receiver, map of applications. Some come with TFT installation to give appropriate images on screen size and clarity. Send SMS, MMS and Instant Messaging. It should be noted the clearly voice which is exceptional and not to forget internal memory allowing you to store large amount of data. Another highly applauded feature is that some models come with cameras with Carl Zeiss Optics. Their great range of models allows the client to find the model suitable to your needs and personality. At koch you will find additional information. These excellent presentations along with comfortable services and accessible tariff packages make that customer is in Nokia everything you could want. With a Nokia phone in the hands, it is not necessary to deal with the resolution and quality images. It also has a large space to store photos. These phones are not only a powerful computer that will help in everyday life, but which also ensures fast and intelligent communication to work. Nokia phones are very accessible, are available on-line or at the numerous shops of mobile telephony. Incredible offerings enable that client elects by phone desired depending on your preferences, your calling habits and your budget.

Computer Service Online

In the age of multimedia computer service is not a big issue, who knows. Hardly one is at home and would like at his computer, the computer makes problems at once. Soon, every Internet user is then overwhelmed and seeks the help of a professional. Usually, this professional is very expensive and limited time available. An optimal, also quick help, offers online computer service.

In the Internet one finds not only music equipment rental, for example, in Freiburg, as many might think. In each area, one finds what is looking for in the Internet. Whether it should be a computer service nearby, or a repair service. The Internet helps to even difficult problems quickly and thoroughly. On the multitude of pages you will closer a piece so the problem. Usually, an expert is necessary, because you can find out the problem very often by reading. In this way, it saves many costs.

And could his computer alone back to the running get. Even with more complex data recovery the Internet find ways and means for the salvation of all Files. Who nevertheless still wants to waive a technician, you can find a variety of specialists for the computer service in the Internet. In telephone service you can recite then specifically and precisely his concern the individual engineer. Usually, the technicians respond immediately. If you have problems with the computer, should consider the two ways one in any case.

Asphalt Paving Slabs

Naukova and technological revolution is not on the same place. One of the main priorities for the use of vymostki roads were made of natural stone and natural stone itself. It was a new, unknown material from which made paving tiles, which sdel very large contribution to the development of road and storitelstva coverage. Unlike asphalt, paving slabs is very convenient and nice looking. Mikkel Svane is likely to agree. to have a very good density, durability, has a lot of colors – all this has affected the very rapid development of road construction. Paving slabs of natural stone – is a new and very environmentally friendly material for paving tracks and more. Another of the most important plyusot tile is its accessibility.

The process of laying paving is a legacy of its many colors, good shape, it is very easy to pack, she has a long service life and very resistant to various external factors, and even frost. David Treadwell might disagree with that approach. All these advantages make it a very good plus to use asphalt instead of the usual such a beautiful and unique paving tiles. Sidewalk tile has a high resistance to various physical, chemical and mechanical external factors and therefore paving poitku of naturalnog oakmnya can be used on various related subjects and razlmichnymi under stress. Even if some parts of the damaged, you should not remove all, but rather only a few tiles poment and that's it, this is also a very big plus paving from natural stone. Also to lay paving tiles, do not need Nike heaped technology, because it is safe to lay hands, and it does not require special vehicles for transportation. 76ers Owners opinions are not widely known. Very easy to remove tile, for example to repair holes in the pipes and then back plate is easy to install, it is also a very big plus paving.

Developer Site

Distribution of broadband networks and the increasing number of Internet users in Russia have made the network a powerful tool with the public. In search of the necessary goods and services people are increasingly resorting to the network, because media with advertisements is at hand is not always the case. Principal office in the network without a doubt is the site of the company. Despite the introduction of contextual advertising opportunities direct communication between company representatives and potential clients such as "Context call" option on the runner and "address and phone number" in direct abandon a site should not be for the following reasons: 1. For even more opinions, read materials from Mikkel Svane. Saves time. On You can find a complete porfolio of the company, while his discussion in a telephone conversation takes much more time. 2. Visualization.

For construction and finishing as well as many other organizations is very important client the results of previous works. Organize images on the site will have no difficulty. 3. Convenient way to communicate. Some people experience psychological discomfort when communicating on phone, so prefer an impersonal way of communicating, such as e-mail or instant messaging software. Variants of the site is not much, in particular: 1.

Order from your local Developer's lone (most often they are students) 2. Order a professional freelance remotely 3. Site developed in-house (includes hiring staff profile) 4. Develop a professional Web studios consider the peculiarities of each option in more detail. The first and second have similar advantages and disadvantages, with the only difference being that in the first case, quality suffers, and the second finance, as Services professional freelancers are not cheap and sometimes comparable to the cost of services to small web studios.

Interruption Database

This article describes how to back up the databases MySQL, without interrupting the MySQL service. Usually, when you want to back up MySQL, you have to stop MySQL or solve a problem blocking tables MySQL, to create a valid backup, if you do not, you can get an incorrect backup. To get a correct backup without interrupting MySQL, I use the following trick: I'm replicating my MySQL database on second MySQL server, and on the second MySQL server I use a cron job to create a regular backup of the replicated database. This document is provided without any – any kind! I want to say that this is not the only way to create such a system. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. There are many ways to achieve this goal, but I chose this one. I do not give any guarantee that this will work for you! Preliminary notes to follow this decision, you need a second server MySQL (slave), and you must install the MySQL replication on your first MySQL server (a system with which you wish to use copies, master) to the slave, for example as described in this article:.

Installing MySQL replication is beyond the scope of this document. All the settings I describe here, should be made on the slave MySQL server! I tested this on a Debian system, this should work on other distributions, but it is quite possible that some way will be different (in a script / Usr / local / sbin / Implementation of automated backup replicated database on the slave server Once you have created a working MySQL replication from master to slave, I assume that you want to do automatic backup of your database driven directory / home / sqlbackup. First, you must create this directory: mkdir / home / sqlbackup Next we create a shell script / usr / local / sbin / which will stop the slave database make an sql dump of all MySQL database in / home / sqlbackup (SQL dump file name will look like this: backup-20070423-18.sql; this dump received April 23, 2007, at 18.00h), and then restart the slave database (led by db catch up everything that happened on the main database so