Then carefully filled the ear and the ear silicone Abform with a dosing syringe. While the jaw should be relaxed the curing time of 5 minutes, and the mouth should be opened up to 2 cm wide, talk is allowed at this time. Is the clay is completely cured, the ear impression can be removed also. Important notice to all hearing care professional that please do not edit marks and please make sure that there is no defects such as small holes by air bubbles.The ear canal including the second curvature should be fully shaped up! Since we generally make a control form, complete form out please the ear. How maintain your in ear monitors by ear communication technology? We offer a complete range of cleaning and care products for the care of your InEars. For regular cleaning after every appearance, we recommend our Freshear cleaning cloths, the aggressive perspiration and Earwax Record (ear wax) and remove. Our Freshear cleaning spray suitable with spray also for cleaning, in conjunction with a micro-fibre or cotton cloth. Since all in – ear monitoring systems with a sensitive technique work, it is important to protect them from moisture.

Moisture inside the handset can cause great damage. So wash your InEars never under running water from! Never immerse your InEars in water or cleaning fluid. For storage of InEars, we offer special dry capsules, a dry socket on which ensure that moisture is safely absorbed by body sweat and caused no damage to the InEars storage. We equip our listeners of live-Pro series ear wax filter live-Pro series with a special ear wax filter, which prevents Cerumen (Earwax) into the ear canal walk and this can harm the listener indefinitely. Using a small brush you can clean this filter. If you notice, that to this filter sets but after a few months and decreases the volume of your handset, simply contact us. Credit: Michael Dell-2011. We assume the rapid exchange of the Earwax filter or you can order replacement filters as well as the appropriate tool for us and make the Exchange itself.

What do the performer-cable breakage or live-Pro series may occur quite constant using the in-ears in the demanding tour use a cable break. Therefore we use with our performer – as well as live-Pro series pluggable cables which can be exchanged within a few seconds. We recommend that each of our clients, each have a spare cable in the tour luggage! Caution! When replacing the cable is the correct polarity (+/-, and L/R) to make sure. A reverse polarity results in any damage to the InEars, may cause however in the tone! A description accompanying the replacement cables.

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