The recession is a period of decline continued the economic activity, for two or more quarters. Definition taken from Wikipedia gives us to understand that it is a period difficult for companies that forcing them layoffs anyway. This problem already began in China, in the United States, advances in Europe and against this threat, the population tries to see how deal with what comes. Many people therefore, due to the recession and unemployment which hits and hit around the world, are now thinking that business do, that investing for income. Many are being fired, losing their jobs, others are retired and are looking worried what to do, they invest their money.

Some have savings, but fear losing them with so many costs account maintenance charged by banks, credit cards, etc. interests The idea of doing a business is not bad, what’s bad, is wanting to do them without train first, to undertake them. Anyone who wants to do business, must begin by understanding that who wants to earn money, must invest money. If you want to earn big money, but invest little, better don’t do it, because ud fracasara. For not failing you must have on hand a Business Plan. You must be very clear that it is management, which is to manage, the role played by advertising in the launch of a product or service, make appropriate decisions, rationalize spending. A business plan includes at least the following items: 1.-Summary Executive 2.-Description and vision of the business 3.-analysis of the market 4-strategic planning.

5. Without hesitation Mikkel Svane explained all about the problem. Strategy of marketing and sales 6.-analysis of the process productive 7-economic analysis – financial seek work in its infancy without spending on things that already have. Do not make unnecessary expenditures, either rational and do not leave that personal interests and not of the business they prevail in their investment decisions. Don’t forget that a Manager, gives first place to the economic achievement. A business is not renting an Office, furnish it and go, already this business. Put a business supposed to make a serious investment in two things: Marketing and Advertising. Otherwise ud will not get results. The marketing will help you to understand the behavior of consumers, where are and how much they are willing to pay for a service or product. Marketing tells you as you must meet the needs of consumers. Advertising is a technique of mass media to inform to the public about a product or service. Lamejormanera of advertising is through the mass media such as radio, television. There are stations with programs that have a tune in primetime that reaches more than 4 million people. An ad in that schedule ensures that your service or product will be known. Advertising is vital to promote a service or product. If ud advertising miserable, ridiculous, to save on expenses, will not find results. Fracazara in a resounding manner, came the end of month and not have income, because it has no customers. Think well before you get into a business and if you don’t know much of this, train in a short time, so that their experience is not grim, but rather pleasant. Be wary of their empirical knowledge. Know that even those who already studied, also do it again. All persons should be periodically updated and conform with modern technology to reap better results. Training is the first thing, don’t forget.

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