Family: The support of the people close to us is essential, so we should count them at the outset which our intentions and not give us fear, nor punishment, are requesting support and collaboration. Professional: By this I mean a professional to which we return each time in the offline world or a professional in the online world, which in my case was that it chose, for ease of time since I can go in the timetable that suits me and it is also more economical and therefore I recommend the program to the which I belong, that is called smart goals, in which I have a Coach and a Mentor who is willing to help me and they have prepared a series of modules ideal for the process of growth and many more resources that have helped me enormously and why you recommend it, believe me that the change that is achieved from the first module is surprising. Step 4: Organization in the vast majority of cases we throw the towel or abandon our desire for self-improvement and lose motivation, by situations or disorganized areas of our lives. For example, many times have left something started because you don’t have time?, but have tried it really try to accommodate that need, at the time you have? do you have performed an analysis of that you are occupying your time, to identify some unimportant actions in which you are wasting time and you could replace these other important actions you want to take? As well as the time, the money is another aspect that usually stops us and that probably is You can solve with a little organization in your accounts, so long-term, I assure you that more debt you have, just identify them, organize them and generate a plan of action to fix that part of your life, is already motivating enough to go ahead and if it persists in the plan that you’ve armed with security will come the moment that economic concerns will disappear.

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