Windows Operating Systems have been developed simultaneously in two directions. One direction is called Windows 9x. This includes Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Me. Others including Samsung, offer their opinions as well. Another direction conventionally referred to as nt. This operating system Windows nt, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Server Edition, Windows xp Home Edition, Windows xp Professional. There are other operating systems, but above the most widespread in Russia on home computers.

On one computer, you can install two or more systems, more importantly, that the size of the hard drive allowed to do it. For example, the logical drive C: write (say – "put") a system running Windows 98 (or Windows Me), and the disk Ds Windows 2000 (or Windows XP). Although the C: drive can be installed both at the same operating system. Main accurately represent what operating system you need. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the operating system have to install instead of damaged. Especially often have to perform this operation for beginners. Y experienced user such a need arises, too, but much less frequently.

The reason for failure of the system can be not only playful pen, but also penetrated into a computer virus or worm. In our country, the practice has been the case when the computer of one inquisitive visitor Internet Antivirus Doctor. Web found 960 infected files. Not have the time to torment the computer when the operating system is damaged. First of all, you should try to determine the cause breakage. Penetrated into the computer virus can hide in a not-whether the folder and then re install the operating system.

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