Thus these features allow us to understand that the idea being intangible exists only as production of whom thought it, is the idea then developed and conceived of internal shape, to whom concibiere it has created for you by physical contact with the material reality.The matter that composes this idea realized in form and content, find here that the production of idea arises; situations objective, conceived by a thinking subject, thought that apprehends this subject and must end in the expression of that thought in a communicative action. Well according to these elements as the idea of politics in humans, well teoricemos: a. a situation Objetiva La crime youth in the framework of Exclusion undoubtedly, juvenile crime is one of the most important social phenomena which our societies have raised, and it is one of the criminological problems internationally preferred since the last century, as manifestations of behavior that socially draw attention in a negative way can be observed, generally speaking, better among young people than in the adult population. In addition, it is important to treat juvenile delinquency today as possible adult crime of tomorrow. Juvenile delinquency is a global phenomenon, as it extends from the furthest city industrialized until the suburbs of big cities, from rich or wealthy to the poorest families, is a problem that occurs in all social layers and in any corner of our civilization. (Taken from: Jesus Morant Vidal date: July 2003 source: legal news) Subject B thinking specialist in laws introducing the constant violation of laws by those affected young people ask their ruler, increase d d foot force, laws more rigid against juvenile crimes.

C. Thought that apprehends seek stakeholders understand the causes that generate this problem and as they find these causes, build assumptions arising from their constant reality, constructing in his inner feeling ideas against the topic specific. Perhaps check out Jim Dondero for more information. D. expression of thought of the conclusions on the subject expressed in an expressive speech that materialize in a regulation to be constituted in practical acts and fulfilment of the practical acts by people in general and the State in search of eliminating the problem. So we have different proposals for example prevention will tell a few and the strengthening of U.S. households; Others affirmed barbarically selective murder. The option chosen will be according to the internal structures that determine the external analysis.

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