It is for that reason that is developed east analysis of the recognized cuatros software in the Web more, to present the possibility that exists to interchange the information among them, through the metadatos, interchangeable formats and communication protocols as they are them: OAI and Z39.50. When technological solutions for the information units consider and it is easy to lose itself in means of the variety, by ignorance of the tool or the deficiency of functions of the same. When they are spoken of contained integrated systems of management, like solutions to automate the units of information and the processes that involve so much the office staff as the technicians, we must involve all the levels of the units, to ensure the automatization success and thus to be able to create networks cooperators specialized in areas of the human knowledge, since it will allow to integrate in a scientist-social community and to diminish the call technological dependency, as well as the isolation among them. interchange and the document recovery through the information systems, will have to be limited the agents authorized and defined in the policies and/or rules approved by a committee for the interoperability of metadatos for the document management with the intention of facilitating the interchange and the recovery of documents that the process regulates. In addition to make use of a mechanism to locate and to document to the access or modifications realised on the metadatos.

Also, the metadatos are an inseparable part of the document management, that has diverse functions and objectives, the metadatos are defined as data that describe the context, content and structure of documents. The metadatos are structured or semistructured information that it makes possible the creation, registry, classification, access, conservation and disposition of documents throughout the time and within a same dominion or between different dominions. The dominions represent an area of the intellectual speech and the social activity or the organization developed by an own group or limited of individuals that share certain values and knowledge.

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