In recent years, the domestic market of equipment for welding and cutting metals are increasingly common model for next generation equipment, they are more efficient, more reliable, economical and safe. Their introduction reduces production costs and increases its effectiveness. A huge leap forward in the field of manual welding steel welding inverters. This new generation of welding machines that remove the electrode welding to a new level of performance. Needless to say ease of use, if the weight of the source of only about 4 kg (average). Also in the vast majority of models of modern inverters provide a variety of useful features that make the work less heavy welder and seam quality the best. Accordingly, part of the welder is replaced by automation, as is well known, the automation of manufacturing processes – management direction Development .Svarochnye transformers go down in history, although the proportion using them at factories, construction sites, etc. still high. Gradual re-production of enterprises would lead to increase in profits in the future and will stimulate the development of various sectors of the economy as a whole.

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