This question you can help be aware every moment of what you learn, it’s something very useful and is a great personal resource. A more normal trend that has the mind is to look for answers, it is a mechanism that leads us to want to make sense of what we hear and that is triggered with each question. Feel that we learn is one of the most satisfying sensations, we want our experience to be useful. Ask yourself what learning in every experience makes that experience may have some positive value even if the content of the experience is considered negative. Over the years will help you to know that every experience gave you knowledge. Questions like this installed mechanisms called filters, and are very useful in these cases.

The Neurolinguistic programming studies among other topics one called presuppositions of language, which consists of analyzing what you need be considered true to that language makes sense. The question that we are considering here assumes that every experience you can extract useful knowledge. NLP offers us many tools to change behaviors and improve communication. Understanding these tools opens many doors for achieving objectives and targets quickly. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our NLP Americas original author site and source of the article

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