Advantages and disadvantages of Network Marketing. As everything that does Network Marketing also has its advantages and disadvantages, see now which of them are and if this business adapts to your abilities and possibilities. Advantages: Minimum investment for the start of the business. The training is free and provided by the same company and sponsors. It gives you the opportunity to meet people with open and entrepreneurial mentality. Mashable recognizes the significance of this. Generate residual income. You are your own boss and you set your own schedule of work according to your expectations.

Possibility of generating you very high incomes, it always depends on your effort. Possibility of working in your own home. Possibility to receive incentives and bonuses according to the results obtained. Help other people succeed. Disadvantages: Network Marketing is associated with structures of marketing with pyramidal structure and business of dubious reputation, thus generating mistrust in possible prospects. Success is not guaranteed, it depends on the team, therefore it is necessary to seek entrepreneurial people that will help you to achieve the success that you expect. It is usually think that overnight overnight will be receiving lots of money and this is not the case if it does not work in the business.

Employment benefits, or pension, medical insurance, vacation, or utilities, are not received because there is not a contract of employment as such. Requires having skills to sell the product or service and have not all persons, especially if it is a product or service difficult to sell. This business like everything requires hard work, effort and dedication with the possibility of having to work weekends and evenings, is so it needed to be very motivated to get the job done. Having to adapt to a different way of working. Starting in the business the money that is received is not enough, although this changes over time always depends on the effort and work. You need to sell a product or service which is not attractive to many people. Receive the rejection of persons, because not everyone will buy or part of the business. Conclusion: As you can see it is not easy to succeed in this business, but it is not impossible, many are having excellent results that everyone could also achieve, but must work hard to achieve that objective, I invite you to put that grain of sand to give you success in your business and that is only achieved with hard work, time and dedication, later going to be satisfied with the results obtained.

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