The interested nanotechnology Goldstein and dreams to improve the two-dimensional teleconferencing Mowry invented kleytroniku about three years ago. Since then they have struggled to find a quick way to describe the idea to potential sponsors. By the way speaking, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Pentagon’s research agency darpa to So far scientists have provided some way of funding. Money is allowed to engage in the project and a half dozen specialists and approximately the same number of sympathizers. But the forces and resources while sorely lacking. On Indeed success creators synthetic reality until fairly modest. There are four small robots, called atoms or (claytronic atoms – catoms). The diameter of each – 44 mm, that is, to the nanoscale still very far away.

Robot is surrounded by 24 solenoids. Yet managed to get a couple of these machines interact with each other as do two spinning gears. ‘But as soon as we got these two pieces of stirring, increased the likelihood of our success’ – said Mowry. Ultimately, he hopes to build a sufficient number of two-dimensional cut to start experimenting with changes of form. Then plans to establish immediately a hundred robots the size of a tennis ball that can move in three dimensions. To construct the cut diameter of 1 millimeter, according to the authors of the project, it will be very difficult, but, apparently, it’s inevitable. It is assumed that the cut should have a spherical shape and have no moving parts. He probably will be covered by the electromagnets, so that one robot could join another and in general – to navigate.

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