Some people have been interested in the relationship of narcissism with the leadership, and believe that some leaders have been prisoners, driven by what holds narcissism and many because they were unable to control it, made mistakes that affected his leadership, leading to failure. What is your opinion about ?…… narcissistic leaders are beneficial in organizations? What is the scope, impact of their role? Do you consider yourself a leader narcissistic? How do you overcome them? Are some questions that the subject generates in terms of assessing what narcissistic leadership represents the company. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi. Jose Fernandez sobe Enebral item sets that within companies, there is a certain amount of narcissism that can be regarded as leaders and even necessary, although it does seem to be agreement that the excess is always harmful. One doubts that anyone should be a bit narcissistic, but it all depends what you mean by “a certain amount of narcissism”, and even what is meant by “leaders.”

Perhaps would be easier to agree if we talked to preserve decorum, respect for the forms or relational protocol and about the leadership question may very often not given a label for the alleged followers, but by third parties or by the same “leader”: that is, a simple hierarchical position would say that narcissism is conspicuous for improper, although this also depends on the observer, but in degree of personality disorder and in positions of power, is, without doubt and above all, very damaging for businesses, as well prosperity requires perceive realities, including its own. . More information is housed here: Alina de Almeida.

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