Already, the pre-Conference waiting with a multi-faceted program on Monday, 7th June. Full-day roundtables, best practices and workshops specifically support the exchange between companies in the context of life-science, language service providers and technology vendors. Included are among the benchmarking topics changing requirements in the field of MDD (medical device directive) and AIMD, possibilities of outsourcing as well as quality and terminology management for localization projects. “27 languages in five days the half-day seminar titled the delicate balance between regulations and quality requirements how to do more with less” focuses on the tightrope between compliance requirements in the pharmaceutical field and create high-quality translations. How can the translations in be efficient to 27 languages within the prescribed five-day period after approval of the English language admission and created at the same time at a high level? The implementation of the current state of the product information management and the influence on the medical translations are discussed. Medtronic quality assurance in localization projects users report from Medtronic (Wednesday, 9 June) is the question of quality of multilingual technical documentation in the foreground, which discusses the use of assistive technologies.

After both the volume of documentation and the number of target languages in the medical technology manufacturer had dramatically increased, the editorial team at Medtronic relied on an automated solution for quality assurance and integrated them into the existing translation management tool. The report represents the translation process explores the QA requirements and discussed the successes. Already for the third time, the Localization World finds information about the Localization World this year in Berlin instead. Within the three-day conference program, four lecture series are performed in parallel. Companies explain how they have realized their internationalisation strategy.

Experts and users informed about professional localization management, the identification of strategic target markets as well as the realization of multilingual Web sites. To address the organizer of both decision makers and professionals in the company as also LSPs and translators. The Localization World will take place from 7 to 9 June, 2010 at the Maritim proArte in Berlin held hotel. It is jointly organized MultiLingual Computing, Inc. Institute and the of the localization. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. The fee for participation in the Conference is 895 euro. Interested parties who wish to visit the Localization World only in a day, pay $500.

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